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Technical 4

Solving a Hamiltonian Path Problem with a bacterial computer

A thermodynamic approach to PCR primer design

Entangled mechanical oscillators

Quantum all the way

Quantum Coherence Insight article

Putting Mechanics into Quantum Mechanics

Deterministic quantum teleportation of atomic qubits

A Decoherence-Free Quantum Memory Using Trapped Ions

Experimental entanglement of four particles

Sequence dependence of the curvature of DNA: a test of the phasing hypothesis

Acoustically driven programmable liquid motion using resonance cavities

Förster resonance energy transfer

A Nanoelectromechanical Single-Atom Switch

Surface plasmon-polaritons, surface plasmon resonance

DNA Strands from Denatured Duplexes are Translocated through Engineered Protein Nanopores at Alkaline pH

Tuning Nanoelectromechanical Resonators with Mass Migration

Micromachined Fabry−Perot Interferometer with Embedded Nanochannels for Nanoscale Fluid Dynamics

Comparison of the Thermodynamics and Basepair Dynamics of a full LNA:DNA duplex and of the isosequential DNA:DNA duplex


Plasmas for spacecraft propulsion

Scanning tunnelling microscopy: A DNA sequence scanned

Microwave sources: Spin-torque oscillators get in phase

Damping of acoustic vibrations in gold nanoparticles

Measurement of the quantum capacitance of graphene

Partial sequencing of a single DNA molecule with a scanning tunnelling microscope

The low-energy ion range in DNA

Metabolic engineering without plasmids

Triggering Enzymatic Activity with Force (Global enzymatic control mechanism?)

Parametric Nanomechanical Amplification at Very High Frequency

Exciton-Plasmon States in Nanoscale Materials: Breakdown of the Tamm−Dancoff Approximation

Bioelectronic silicon nanowire devices using functional membrane proteins

Biology under construction: in vitro reconstitution of cellular function

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