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Technical 5

Thermal and power characteristics of plasma torch with reverse vortex

Frustrated bistability as a means to engineer oscillations in biological systems

Physical signals for protein–DNA recognition

Engineering of bio-hybrid materials by electrospinning polymer-microbe fibers

Blue Luminescence Based on Quantum Confinement at Peptide Nanotubes

Electrostatically Confined Quantum Rings in Bilayer Graphene

Nonlinear electrophoretic response yields a unique parameter for separation of biomolecules

Characterizing the Swimming Properties of Artificial Bacterial Flagella

A Lorentz model for weak magnetic field bioeffects: Part I - Thermal noise is an essential component of AC/DC effects on bound ion trajectory

A Lorentz model for weak magnetic field bioeffects: Part II - Secondary transduction mechanisms and measures of reactivity

Effects of radio frequency magnetic fields on iron release from cage proteins

Teaching cells to dance: The impact of transistor miniaturization on the manipulation of populations of living cells

On-line control of cellular adhesion with impedance measurements using interdigitated electrode structures

A CMOS chip for individual cell manipulation and detection

Impedance based biosensor array for monitoring mammalian cell behavior

Capacitive sensor array for localization of bioparticles in CMOS lab-on-a-chip

Implementing the Theory of Sum Frequency Generation Vibrational Spectroscopy: A Tutorial Review

Catalytic Mechanism of DNA Backbone Cleavage by the Restriction Enzyme EcoRV: A Quantum Mechanical/Molecular Mechanical Analysis: Maybe these electrostatic/quantum properties could be targets for sensing in vivo activity.

A Magnetically Triggered Composite Membrane for On-Demand Drug Delivery

A Plasmonic Dimple Lens for Nanoscale Focusing of Light

Signal Amplification by 1/f Noise in Silicon-Based Nanomechanical Resonators

Parametric Nanomechanical Amplification at Very High Frequency

Superconductivity and Quantum Oscillations in Crystalline Bi Nanowire

Study on gradient magnetic fields of cascading magnets for oxygen enrichment

Dynamics of electro burst in solids: I. Power characteristics of electro burst

Invisibility cloaks with arbitrary geometries for layered and gradually changing backgrounds

Slow oscillation electrical brain stimulation during waking promotes EEG theta activity and memory encoding

Grand challenges for biological engineering

Finding needles in DNA stacks

Wireless Acoustic Emission Sensor Network for Structural Monitoring

An Integrated Sensing/Communication Architecture for Structural Health Monitoring

Self-Powered Sensors for Monitoring of Highway Bridges

RF Cavity Passive Wireless Sensors With Time-Domain Gating-Based Interrogation for SHM of Civil Structures

[Charge-controlled magnetism in colloidal doped semiconductor nanocrystals Stefan T. Ochsenbein, Yong Feng, Kelly M. Whitaker, Ekaterina Badaeva, William K. Liu, Xiaosong Li and Daniel R. Gamelin]

[Spintronics: Shedding light on nanomagnets Igor Žutić and Andre Petukhov]

Surface-Mounted Molecular Rotors with Variable Functional Groups and Rotation Radii

Theoretical examination of quantum coherence in a photosynthetic system at physiological temperature

Some quantum weirdness in physiology

[Using Electrons As a High-Resolution Probe of Optical Modes in Individual Nanowires]

Interaction of MRI field gradients with the human body

Really interesting: regarding signal amplification at the molecular and/or electron level - Water-mediated signal multiplication with Y-shaped carbon nanotubes

Modelling of magneto-acoustic resonance in ferrite-piezoelectric bilayers

How do transcription factors select specific binding sites in the genome?

Effects of skeletal muscle anisotropy on induced currents from low-frequency magnetic fields

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