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8.12.08 Diagnostic Digest Gel

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3 Lane 4 Lane 5 Lane 6 Lane 7 Lane 8 Lane 9 Lane 10 Lane 11
5 μl λ ladder10 μl pIs001.P1 in water10 μl pIs001.P1 digest7.5 μl pIs001.P9a in water7.5 μl pIs001.P9a digest7.5 μl pIs001.P9b in water7.5 μl pIs001.P9b digest7.5 μl pIs001.P10a in water7.5 μl pIs001.P10a digest7.5 μl pIs001.P10b in water7.5 μl pIs001.P10b digest

120 Volts for 20 minutes, 1% gel. Stained in EtBr for 15 minutes. Definitely two bands from one looking at the P1 digest. Everything else in unaffected by the PstI and the bands run lower than P1 undigested. Looks like the ORF is gone despite the extra amp and glucose.

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