Matt Gethers/CRI, Thailand/Labwork/PCRs/Amplification of HmgR ORF/8.6.08 Master Mix

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8.3.08 Master Mix

Reagent Volume/Amount
Colony Suspension16.5 μl (not added to master, though)
Taq1.65 μl
Primer BT273613.2 μl 1 μM Stock
Primer BT273713.2 μl 1 μM Stock
dNTPs3.3 μl 10 mM Stock
DMSO8.25 μl
Buffer 16.5 μl
Mg2+ 8.25 μl
dH2084.15 μl
Total165 μl

Aliquotted 9 μl of to each of 8 tubes, then added 1 μl appropriate colony suspension.

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