Matt Gethers/CRI, Thailand/Labwork/PCRs/Amplification of HmgR ORF using HotStar/7.23.08 Gel Results

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7.23.08 HmgR ORF Gel

Lane 1 Lane 2 Lane 3
5 μl λ DNA Ladder5 μl HmgR ORF PCR with Q5μl HmgR ORF PCR without Q

I used 3 μl H20, 2 μl template, and 0.5 μl loading buffer for each sample. Loaded in gel, ran for 30 minutes at 100 volts. Stained for 20 minutes in EtBr. Lane 2, corresponding to the PCR with buffer Q, yielded product at slightly below the ~830 bp band - right where I want it. Nothing showed up in lane 3.

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