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31.SEQ (pIs001.P1, T7_for)

31.SEQ (pIs001.P1, T7_for)


PIs001contig.cep - Old alignment; annotations do not refer to this file.

Base Number (Sequence File Annotation) = Contig Sequence File Annotation Number + 29 where 29 is the number of trimmed 5' bases.

Base Number (Vector NTI File Annotation) = 5310 + Contig Sequence File Annotation Number

Base Number (Sequence File Annotation) Base Number (Vector NTI File Annotation) Theoretical Base Read Base Notes
395320GNLooks like a G - good
405321GNLooks like a G - good
785359GTLooks like a T - problem!
815361ACCould be another A - good
825262GCCould be a G - good
835263GNLooks like a G - good
3695650CSpaceCould be a second C - good
3915672SpaceGInsertion of G - problem! Absent the G, sequence from 390 should be CAACCGTGG
3945675SpaceCCould be another C - good
4145695GNCould be a G - good
4245705GSpaceCould be a G - good
4485729CACould be a C - good
4525733GACould be a G - good
4645745TNLooks like a T - good


Region of Interest (Vector NTI Annotation): 5318 - 6121 (ATG to TGA)

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