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This is the amino acid supplement used in our low fluorescence media and synthetic complete medias. To make dropout media, leave out the appropriate amino acid (ie, to make SC-URA, leave out uracil). These supplements are stored as dry powder stocks on the media shelf in brown bottles (some amino acids are light sensitive). If you need to remake a supplement stock, please use exactly the amino acids listed (take note of catalog numbers) and clearly initial and date the bottle.

Mixing Tips

Do not autoclave amino acids, as they may change their chemical structure. To mix them into a liquid solution, first microwave the liquid solution until it is warm but not painfully hot to the touch. Then, slowly add in the dry powder while the solution is stirred with a magnetic stir bar. It is the clumps which dissolve slowly. If this is done correctly, a solution can be prepared in 20 min. If they dry powder is poured in in clumps or if the water is initially cold, it will take hours to dissolve.

Final Composition in Liquid Media

Amino Acid Supplier Description Catalog No. KS Supp Final (mg/L) KS Supp 10x stock (mg/L)
adenine hemisulfateSigmaAdnine hemisulfate salt, min 99%A912650500
uracilMP BiomedicalsUracil10320420200
tryptophanFisherL-tryptophan, tissue culture gradeBP39550500
histidine-HClFisherL-histiine, mono HCL monohydrateBP38320200
arginine-HClFisherL-arginine HCLBP37220200
lysine-HClFisherL-lysine monohydrochlorideBP3861001000
glutamic acidFisherL-glutamic acid monosodium salt1946771001000
aspartic acid FisherL-aspartic acidBP3741001000
serineAcros OrganicsL-serine 99%1326610004004000

Dry Powder Stocks

To make dry stocks mix all items together (leave out specific amino acids if desired) in a brown plastic bottle, turn end over end MANY MANY times to mix with a sterile marble added to aid mixing. Sterile marbles are stored on the media shelf. Store the final mix dry on the media shelf in a brown opaque bottle. Initial and clearly date your new amino acid stock.

Amino Acid Supplier Description Catalog No. Dry power enough for 10-1L 10x stocks (mg) Dry power enough for 10-1L 10x stocks (grams) Dry power enough for 5-1L 10x stocks (grams)
adenine hemisulfateSigmaAdnine hemisulfate salt, min 99%A9126500052.5
uracilMP BiomedicalsUracil103204200021
tryptophanFisherL-tryptophan, tissue culture gradeBP395500052.5
histidine-HClFisherL-histiine, mono HCL monohydrateBP383200021
arginine-HClFisherL-arginine HCLBP372200021
lysine-HClFisherL-lysine monohydrochlorideBP38610000105
glutamic acidFisherL-glutamic acid monosodium salt19467710000105
aspartic acid FisherL-aspartic acidBP37410000105
serineAcros OrganicsL-serine 99%132661000400004020


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This amino acid mix was developed by Katja Schwartz (KS) in the Botstein lab at Stanford University. It is adapted from the synthetic complete dropout mix in the CSH Yeast Genetics Course lab manual.


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