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Welcome to the OWW Community Town Hall Meeting for August, 2008

Teleconference dial-in number: 1-617-324-7374.

Use these URL's to get to the chat room if you can't get there from here:

This month's topic: Curation of content on OWW

Useful, accurate information on OWW is something we all aspire to, so let's explore the idea of community-based content curation. If one person's "finished" protocol is another person's starting point, how do we ensure that the information in our protocols, and other how-to pages is as good as it can be...

Please add your ideas, comments, or suggestions here.

  • Jason R. Kelly 21:30, 12 August 2008 (EDT): Would be great to try to brainstorm ways that curation could be a way to encourage contribution rather than something that prevents it. How do we avoid curation that serves as a gatekeeper lowering overall content contribution - for instance the inabilty to comment in genbank? Curation can also be a way to encourage contribution - for instance, by creating academic credit via a "stamp of approval" (a la peer-reviewed journals). Seems a tough balance to strike.

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