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Transcript of chat session

12:55:20 ‹Bill Flanagan› hello all!
04/10/2007 12:59:00 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› hi
04/10/2007 12:59:10 ‹Hoatlinm› hi everybody
04/10/2007 12:59:41 ‹Julius B. Lucks› hey guys - unfortunately I have another conf call right now - left some notes on the survey progress - should be an interesting meeting!
04/10/2007 12:59:49 ‹Bill Flanagan› has anyone had problems with chat today? seems it's nly working on some people's computers.
04/10/2007 13:00:06 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› yeah austin can't get in
04/10/2007 13:00:13 ‹Hoatlinm› ok in PDX
04/10/2007 13:03:37 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Hello
04/10/2007 13:12:26 ‹Austin J. Che› I cleared authentication stuff and now chat works
04/10/2007 13:12:50 ‹Jason R. Kelly› chat workign for me now too
04/10/2007 13:13:06 ‹Steven J. Koch› Oh, I see, most people are in the lounge?
04/10/2007 13:13:28 ‹Hoatlinm› yup
04/10/2007 13:13:43 ‹Steven J. Koch› Hi...I'm eavesdropping figuring things out
04/10/2007 13:14:12 ‹Hoatlinm› i loved your amazon listmania link
04/10/2007 13:14:35 ‹Steven J. Koch› Austin: No, I just called the number and am using some kind of triangular VoiceStation100 Polycom device
04/10/2007 13:15:22 ‹Steven J. Koch› Thanks, Maureen!
04/10/2007 13:15:23 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› Steve, can you hear?
04/10/2007 13:15:40 ‹Steven J. Koch› Yeah, I can hear fine. Sometimes I hear a beep when voice changes
04/10/2007 13:17:28 ‹Steven J. Koch› Who is Mac?
04/10/2007 13:18:16 ‹Austin J. Che› mac works for iGEM
04/10/2007 13:18:27 ‹Austin J. Che› is the software chair
04/10/2007 13:18:38 ‹Steven J. Koch› Cool, thanks
04/10/2007 13:21:39 ‹Barry Canton› LoS_community_page" onclick=",'_blank');return false;">
04/10/2007 13:23:59 ‹Ricardo Vidal› LoS_community_page" onclick=",'_blank');return false;">
04/10/2007 13:24:37 ‹Steven J. Koch› Did you all just get a couple weird links from Barry and Ricardo?
04/10/2007 13:24:42 ‹Hoatlinm› what is a scrape mentioned?
04/10/2007 13:24:52 ‹Ricardo Vidal› sorry. links don't seem to come out properly here
04/10/2007 13:25:10 ‹Barry Canton› yeah, formatting is weird for some reason. was trying to link to the PLos article draft.
04/10/2007 13:25:16 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I was trying to show the proper link to the PLoS Community page.
04/10/2007 13:25:28 ‹Steven J. Koch› :) ok, just wanted to make sure it wasn't on my end
04/10/2007 13:25:57 ‹Jason R. Kelly› scrape is just pulling the data fom the webpages directly rather than from the DB
04/10/2007 13:26:26 ‹Hoatlinm› thanks jason
04/10/2007 13:27:08 ‹Barry Canton›
04/10/2007 13:28:04 ‹Steven J. Koch› I would vote for adding some more complicated wiki code to people's new user page, e.g. and image and a table to show them how to do it
04/10/2007 13:28:36 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› i think that is right, but you don't want to go too complicated
04/10/2007 13:28:44 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› cause then it would be intimidating
04/10/2007 13:28:45 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I agree. A bit of the basics.
04/10/2007 13:28:48 ‹Jason R. Kelly› teering_committee/Outreach_chairs/mock_home_page" onclick=",'_blank');return false;"> ... airs/mock_home_page
04/10/2007 13:29:13 ‹Barry Canton› yeah, I agree. a demo. of some of the key features (image, bulleted list etc.) but without making it look too complicated.
04/10/2007 13:29:40 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› teering_committee/Outreach_chairs/mock_home_page" onclick=",'_blank');return false;"> ... airs/mock_home_page
04/10/2007 13:29:47 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› stupid wiki links
04/10/2007 13:29:49 ‹Austin J. Che›
04/10/2007 13:30:11 ‹Hoatlinm› I suggest include the feature of communicating within wiki
04/10/2007 13:30:19 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› how do you make links look normal in the chat window?
04/10/2007 13:30:30 ‹Austin J. Che› teering_committee" onclick=",'_blank');return false;">
04/10/2007 13:30:48 ‹Austin J. Che› avoid colon P or colon S :)
04/10/2007 13:32:15 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› OpenWetWare: Steering_committee/Outreach_chairs/mock_home_page
04/10/2007 13:32:23 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› go to that pagee
04/10/2007 13:32:52 ‹Barry Canton› link to talk page
04/10/2007 13:33:01 ‹Barry Canton› demo. of email this user
04/10/2007 13:33:13 ‹Barry Canton› (ideas from Maureen)
04/10/2007 13:33:26 ‹Austin J. Che› :P
04/10/2007 13:34:41 ‹Steven J. Koch› You could put something like the mock home page on their talk page
04/10/2007 13:35:00 ‹Steven J. Koch› and the first thing you linked ( Hi I am ... ) as their user page
04/10/2007 13:35:07 ‹Steven J. Koch› i.e. instructions for editing on talk page
04/10/2007 13:35:50 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› yeah that's true
04/10/2007 13:36:33 ‹Hoatlinm› Going on Steve's idea...maybe we could make up an amusing user example page
04/10/2007 13:39:06 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› how so?
04/10/2007 13:40:41 ‹Hoatlinm› Make up an example (fake) person to demostrate a few different styles and various features
04/10/2007 13:41:00 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› hmm yeah
04/10/2007 13:41:31 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› although if this content is going to be on that person
04/10/2007 13:41:35 ‹Steven J. Koch› Doesn't wikipedia have RSS on every page?
04/10/2007 13:41:48 ‹Austin J. Che› :P
04/10/2007 13:41:53 ‹Austin J. Che› smileys disabled!
04/10/2007 13:41:59 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› 's page, do we really want a separate example page
04/10/2007 13:42:18 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› right now, we're talking about displaying an RSS feed within a page
04/10/2007 13:42:20 ‹Jason R. Kelly› death to smileys huzzah
04/10/2007 13:42:32 ‹Hoatlinm› Reshma...they would substitute own info
04/10/2007 13:42:37 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› rather than getting an RSS feed of a particular OWW wiki page
04/10/2007 13:42:38 ‹Steven J. Koch› oh ok....i am lost then
04/10/2007 13:43:01 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› (sorry about that! steve)
04/10/2007 13:43:36 ‹Austin J. Che› oftware/Extensions/RSS" onclick=",'_blank');return false;">
04/10/2007 13:43:45 ‹Steven J. Koch› I have 100's or 1000's of word documents
04/10/2007 13:43:55 ‹Steven J. Koch› that i would like to batch convert...they have lots of images
04/10/2007 13:44:00 ‹Austin J. Che› look at the examples. i.e. pull in rss feed from BBC on to wiki
04/10/2007 13:44:03 ‹Steven J. Koch› and profanity is a problem, though
04/10/2007 13:44:05 ‹Steven J. Koch› :)
04/10/2007 13:44:18 ‹Jason R. Kelly› :)
04/10/2007 13:44:45 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› oh and maureen, the new user system does allow us to have some of their information already
04/10/2007 13:45:02 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› like their name and email and reason to join
04/10/2007 13:45:25 ‹Reshma P. Shetty› but you're right that any other info would need to be example-like
04/10/2007 13:45:32 ‹Hoatlinm› yes, right
04/10/2007 13:46:41 ‹Bill Flanagan› Word Import PROJECT PAGE: oftware/Projects/Word_Import" onclick=",'_blank');return false;"> ... Software/Projects/Word_Import
04/10/2007 13:46:59 ‹Hoatlinm› I had to hunt around on other user pages to get some ideas ( and steal format)
04/10/2007 13:48:02 ‹Bill Flanagan› Steve, I'll send a link to a very preliminary version of the word import as soon as I have it online.
04/10/2007 13:48:15 ‹Steven J. Koch› Thanks, Bill
04/10/2007 13:48:47 ‹Steven J. Koch› Is there any hope for images being included? That would be killer
04/10/2007 13:49:17 ‹Bill Flanagan› It does. I think it will handle tables.
04/10/2007 13:49:31 ‹Steven J. Koch› awesome
04/10/2007 13:50:05 ‹Bill Flanagan› the question is whether scientific notation for formulas would be there. I will need advice on this one.
04/10/2007 13:51:11 ‹Bill Flanagan› we also will be able to handle import of html through the same interface. the converter currently translates from word to html then html to mediawiki text.
04/10/2007 13:54:41 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Nature Precedings has DOI links to their entries and supposedly the entries can have revisions
04/10/2007 13:58:04 ‹Steven J. Koch› Here is the link for brainstorming session: ... 07_Oct_Brainstorming
04/10/2007 13:58:37 ‹Steven J. Koch› Question: does this chat get converted to a wiki?
04/10/2007 13:58:53 ‹Steven J. Koch› i.e. archived?
04/10/2007 13:59:07 ‹Ricardo Vidal› mp3 is made available
04/10/2007 13:59:12 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I think.
04/10/2007 13:59:14 ‹Austin J. Che› someone can copy and paste it
04/10/2007 13:59:26 ‹Austin J. Che› the audio was hopefully recorded
04/10/2007 13:59:30 ‹Steven J. Koch› Oh duh
04/10/2007 13:59:36 ‹Steven J. Koch› ok, that is easy
04/10/2007 14:01:07 ‹Ricardo Vidal› I'll try come around tomorrow for the brainstorm :)
04/10/2007 14:01:13 ‹Ricardo Vidal› Bye all!
04/10/2007 14:01:20 ‹Steven J. Koch› Thanks, Ricardo
04/10/2007 14:01:24 ‹Hoatlinm› Bye
04/10/2007 14:01:29 ‹Steven J. Koch› Bye everyone!
04/10/2007 14:01:50 ‹Barry Canton› bye 

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