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Team: "Reverse Engineering Cell Division" (CeDRE)

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Selected Publications anterior to lab creation

  1. Riche, S., Zouak, M., Argoul, F., Arneodo, A., Pecreaux, J., and Delattre, M. (2013). Evolutionary comparisons reveal a positional switch for spindle pole oscillations in Caenorhabditis embryos. J Cell Biol 201, 653-662. Pubmed Download pdf [1]
  2. Redemann, S.*, Pecreaux, J.*, Goehring, N.W., Khairy, K., Stelzer, E.H., Hyman, A.A., and Howard, J. (2010). Membrane invaginations reveal cortical sites that pull on mitotic spindles in one-cell C. elegans embryos. PLoS One 5. Pubmed HubMed Download pdf


  3. Pecreaux, J., Zimmer, C., and Olivo-Marin, J.C. (2006). Biophysical active contours for cell tracking I: Tension and bending. Paper presented at: 2006 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, Icip 2006, Proceedings (October 8-11 2006, Atlanta, GA, USA). Download pdf


  4. Pecreaux, J.*, Roper, J.C.*, Kruse, K., Julicher, F., Hyman, A.A., Grill, S.W., and Howard, J. (2006). Spindle oscillations during asymmetric cell division require a threshold number of active cortical force generators. Curr Biol 16, 2111-2122. Pubmed HubMed Download pdfalt={Faculty of 1000, biology} [(read the reviews)]


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