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Changing Water

  • Remove pan from incubator.
  • Dump out existing water and rinse with distilled water.
  • Add 1-2L of fresh distilled water, plus 0.16mL of water bath treatment per litre of water.
  • Replace pans in incubator.
  • Change water when levels drop or about every two weeks.

Replacing Carbon Dioxide Tank

  • When tank is empty, close the tank fully by closing the top valve on the tank itself, and unscrew the regulator (the thing with the pressure gauges).
  • Remove metal cap from new tank (may take some effort).
  • Screw the regulator onto the new tank.
  • Open new tank fully, until a pressure is read on the pressure gauges.
  • Place ‘Empty’ sticker on the empty tank.
  • Order a new tank from the Science Store (they will bring it directly there for you).

HEPA Filter

  • Silent Alarm will go off when HEPA filter needs to be replaced.
  • To change HEPA filter, simply take out old filter by pulling it down and put in the new one and push it up.
  • The HEPA filter alarm must be manually reset. Go to “System Config” by pressing the mode button 3 times, and then use the left/right arrows to get to HEPA. Press enter to reset the alarm.
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