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Triton X-100 Permeabilization Buffer

  1. Get a 500mL beaker.
  2. Weigh out 20 mM HEPES (0.953g), 300mM Sucrose (20.54g), 50mM NaCl (0.584g), 3mM MgCl2 (0.122g) and place in a 500mL beaker.
  3. Add 198mL of dH2O.
  4. Add 1mL 10% sodium azide solution.
  5. Add a magnetic stir bar - mix on stir plate until dissolved. DO NOT add Triton X-100 at this point.
  6. After contents are dissolved add 1mL 100% Triton X-100 (0.5% final concentration).
  7. Mix slowly until Triton X-100 has dissolved.
  8. Pour solution into a 250mL Duran bottle.
  9. Label and store in fridge.
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