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Whiteboard for ordering and couriering

Once ordered or sent away, please remove the entries from the table.

Needed Chemicals and Supplies

Date Person Chemical or Supply name Company Name Catalog or ordering # and size
July 8/10AaronNinhydrin (10 g)Sigma
July 8/10AaronPhenol (100 g)Sigma
August17MarieC18 columns (prep/anal)aapptec?
August 24TylerTrifluoroacetic acidSigma
October 19TylerPhenol (solid)SigmaP1037 (100 g)

Mass Spectrometry and Sequencing

Date Person Facility Location Type of analysis Number of samples/container type
August 25, 2009 Marie Memorial maldi 1 dried sample
August 31, 2009TylerMemorialMALDI2x dried powder in microfuge tubes
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