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Adam Rubin: Growing 8 measurement kit constructs to analyze fluorescence on Endy lab Victor3 plate reader.

   Victor3 plate reader:  see

Following protocol from:

Plated four promoter testers and four RBS testers.

Promoters: 1. I20244 w/ J23116 2. I20244 w/ R0040 (GFP) 3. I20246 w. J23116 4. I20246 w/ R0040 (RFP)

RBS: 5. I20248 w/ B0031 6. I20248 w/ B0032 (GFP) 7. I20250 w/ B0031 8. I20250 w/ B0032 (RFP)

Set to grow in 37° overnight.

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