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Department of Physics, Willamette University


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My name is Ellen Rumley and I am a sophomore physics major with a chemistry minor at Willamette University. I was born and raised in sweet home Anchorage, Alaska. As a research assistant in Professor Altman’s Biophysics lab group, I currently study the kinetics of mutant myosin IV motors linked to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart disease in which heart walls thicken and impede blood circulation, which results in heart attacks. Biophysics research such as ours is fascinating because it crosses disciplines of physics and biology, two subjects I especially enjoy. I intend to pursue a career involving the two studies, and current ideas beyond biophysics includes robotics and prosthesis research. Besides academics, in my pastime I enjoy teaching tricks to my cat, rock-climbing, hiking, fluting, painting, and building snow igloos.