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Class Info

SEED 12th grade Spring 2009

Spring 2009 Syllabus (.doc) (.pdf)

Instructors: Justin Buck and André Green II

TA: Tim McIntosh

Lab: 66-0064 phone: TBA

Just as electrical engineering brought engineering to the science of physics, synthetic biology aims to bring engineering ideas to biology with a similar explosion in capabilities. The electrical engineering revolution allowed anyone to build a circuit or use a computer at home without needing to understand complex physics. The emerging field of synthetic biology aims to allow anyone to design, build, and experiment with biological systems. The purpose of this class is to introduce basic biotechnology techniques and key engineering concepts, such as modularity and abstraction, that are critical for large scale biological system integration.

The class aims to cover:

  • Theory: Engineering principles and enabling technologies
  • Practice: Hands-on design and construction
  • Context: Current and future possibilities; risk and safety

Funded by NSF SynBERC.

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