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University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences 495/2011


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Credits and Attribution

Course Description

Web page (4 sentence)

Environmental Information Science explores the role of information and technology in relation to environmental science and decision making. It investigates the challenges faced by scientists, policy makers and citizens in acquiring, communicating, using, interpreting, and storing information about our environment. Students from any discipline who are interested in environmental issues are welcome and will benefit from this course. You will learn about: the nature of science and research; environmental visualizations; data collection and the data life cycle; environmental decision making; environmental disasters and information; the importance of metadata; the challenges of archiving and sharing environmental information; geographical information systems; and science communication. Readings will be made available to students. There is no required textbook.

Detailed Description

We are considering using case studies of various environmental issues,scenarios, research cases, decisions etc. to highlight real world examples as we cover each topic.

Research Ongoing

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Research Methodology

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