SIS 495/2011:Syllabi and Courses

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University of Tennessee School of Information Sciences 495/2011


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1. Environmental Information Science: Environmental Informatics (Cornell Univeristy)

2. Environment and Society SMGT 460 (University of Wisconsin) – various course descriptions 

3. Enviornmental Ethics ASC 400 (Widener University)

4. Environmental Studies 235: Fundamentals of Enviro Studies( Austin College)

5. Environmental Studies 101 (Bowdoin College)

6. CSS 387 Environmental Communication Skills

7. Modelling Environmental Systems ENVSCI 310 (University of Auckland)

8. Introduction to Environmental Science (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)

9. ENVI 5507: Environmental Informatics (Dalhousie University)

10. IS 590: Problems in Information Sciences: Environmental Informatics (UTK SIS)

11. Introduction to Environment and Resource Management MGMT/ENVI 1700 (Dalhousie University)

12. EV 561 - Climate and Environmental Informatic (UTK)

13. Knowledge modeling for Enviromental Research and Management (University of Vermont)

14. Environmental Science (Guwahati University), India


16. Environmental Issues in Information Technology (Inf 295) University of California, Irvine    

17. Environmental Informatics (University of Michigan)

18. The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of University of British Columbia

19. FOR 235: Society and Natural Resources

20. Tufts Environmental Literacy Institute (TELI)- Tufts University
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