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Sangdun Choi Lab


Postdoctoral Researcher

Muhammad Ayaz Anwar, PhD

Email :

I am interested in how NF-κB is activated and regulated under TRIF (a TLR3 and TLR4 adapter) with the help of Receptor interacting Protein Kinases (RIPs) via in silico approaches.

Phd Students

Suresh Panneerselvam

Email :

My research interest is to investigate the structural aspects of ATF3 and its interacting partners using molecular modeling approaches.

Han-Gyul Kim (김한결)

Email :

To investigate the cell dysfunction studies of hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha (HIF1a).

Dhanusha Yesudhas

Email :

I am interested to study the structure, function and relationship of stem cells factors involve in reprogramming process.

Hyeon-Jun Shin (신현준)

Email :

My research interest focuses on investigating the renal dysfunctions associated with the topoisomerase II target drugs such as doxorubicin and etoposide in human epithelial kidney cells using several molecular biology tools.

Masaud Shah

Email :

I am investigating the immune subversion mechanism of viruses and identifying new antiviral drugs/biologics through in silico techniques.

Asma Achek

Email :

I am interested in studying TLR signaling pathway's implication in the occurrence of inflammatory and auto-immune diseases.

Maria Batool

Email :

My research interests are computer-aided drug designing and advance molecular dynamic studies. Currently I am working on a project related to respiratory syndrome caused by MERS-CoV, and our aim is to find some potential drug compounds against MERS virus through computational techniques.

Mahesh Patra

Email :

I am interested in studying structure and dynamics of biological systems using molecular modeling and simulation methods. I have been applying computer simulations to gain insights into many molecular phenomena, particularly protein structure-function relationships, ligand recognition by receptors, and protein folding.

Nasir Javaid

Email :

To elucidate role of various lectins on TLR signalling.

Muhammad Haseeb

Email :

I am interested in the area of cancer Systems Biology and Bioinformatics. Mathematical Modeling and Crosstalk of biological Pathways, including Wnt signaling pathway, Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and p53.

Master Students

Trang Nguyen Thi Huyen

Email :

My current research interest is identifying compounds that inhibit TLR signaling pathway as well as their applications, particularly interactions of TLR2 signaling inhibitors and inflammatory diseases.

Pham Le Hoai Thuong

Email :

I'm interested in the signaling pathway of TLRs, the roles of TLRs in human innate immune systems and their related autoimmune diseases.

Undergraduate Students

Eun-Young Cho (조은영)


Gi-Young Kim


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