Session 1: Transforming Cells with Plasmid DNA:Notebook/Cloning Bootcamp

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Cloning Bootcamp

The objective of this project is to successfully replicate delicate DNA. In the first session of this cloning boot camp we manipulate bacteria to take plasmid DNA in order to create large amounts of the cell.


Bootcamp 1st session

Transforming Bacteria with Plasmid DNA Miriam Acosta February 5, 2014

  1. List items
    1. Plasmid: KAH187
    2. BioBrick Part Number: BBa-J176094
    3. Total Length: 2275 bp
    4. Vector Backbone:
    5. Antibiotic Resistance Gene: Ampicillin
    6. Length of of Vector Backbone: 4200bp

  1. Samples for Transformations
    1. Sample 1: Plasmid DNA - [KAH182]
    2. Sample 2: Negative Control (water)
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