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Goal: to determine whether AIDA-tags cause stickiness

  1. AIDA-tagged cells should be red fluorescent, non-AIDA should either be nonfluorescent, or preferably, green fluorescent
  2. Mix 50-100 ul AIDA-tagged cells (OD ~ .2 ... pretty low) with exact same amount/concentration of non-AIDA-tagged cells
  3. Add a few hundred micros of water to make the total volume about 400-500ul to allow for sufficient rotissiere-ing.
  4. Put in refrigerated rotissiere for at least a few hours, or overnight.
  5. Plate 3ul, visualize under various GFP/RFP/phase filters

Also, if we want to visualize cells from plate, the best thing to do (I've found) is put 3ul of nuclease-free water in the pipet tip, swipe with tip, and plate (when you push out water, it should push out picked colony)

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