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  • Reproduce
  • Structure
    • DNase
    • Actin
  • Time lapse
  • Function
    • depolarization (Ca flux)
    • intercellular transport
  • Activation dependence


  • Alex Praslick
  • Matthew Gross
  • Madhan Masilimani
  • Wayne Shreffler

Meeting Notes

23 June

Alex and I met to discuss priorities for the summer.

  • Reproducibility of activation-dependent putative nanotubes
  • Characterization
    • Physical dimensions
    • Polarization
    • Actin: phalloidin
    • DNA: intercalating dyes, DNase treatment -- consult reference [1]
  • time lapse experiments

To Do:

  • order phalloidin
  • order mAbs
  • order new DAPI
  • review and decide on protocols for phalloidin staining as well as DNA staining/ digestion

Future Projects

Ag uptake

  • IgE-dependence
  • Traffic
  • Interaction with T cells

Activation-induced morphological changes

  • correlation of changes with flow
  • non-releaser phenotype
  • polarization
  • phosphorylation events
  • impact on intercellular activation?


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