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Image:Baso_confocal.png Basophil Imaging Main project page
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Call with Alex and Madhan

  • Establish biosafefy approval for live imaging
  • membrane staining, can work out in fixed cells by Confocal
  • Madhan will send beads to Falcone
  • Matt joining project in summer
  • May start with confocal -- reproduce phenotype, play with membrane dyes
  • Will move to live imaging once approval is in place
  • Will consider use of actin polymerization inhibitors down the road
  • Alex will focus on image acquisition, analysis
  • Falcone lab will do TIRF/TIRM
  • Shreffler lab will focus on Ag uptake, cell-cell interactions
  • Wayne will email Dr. Sampson about how best to work out collaboration

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