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*Wayne G. Shreffler 10:03, 3 June 2009 (EDT):

Agenda Items

  • Recruitment/ People Update
    • Alex will start June 16
    • Need to discuss space for everyone
    • We will have a HS student in July and Matt may stop in 1x/ week
    • Three more interview today -- will send an offer letter or two today
    • Would like feedback about Amir
  • Space/ Equipment
  • Flow
    • Ron will be here June 15 to install the new workstation
    • There is a sign-up for flow maintenance including measuring laser power -- if it is your fist time taking those readings, please review with Wayne or someone who is experienced
  • Desk/Bench Space
    • Priya will take middle desk in 17-40
    • Alex will move into Kathy's little office
    • Carl and Grayson will squeeze in -- suggestions welcome
    • will try to create more working bench space in 17-40
  • R course
  • OpenWetWare Wiki
    • this will be the lab site going forward
    • Wayne will work on migrating content
    • All new or recent projects should be recorded there (e.g. Neisha, Shashi, summer students)
    • Please sign up for an account and if you have any trouble or want guidance, ask Wayne
    • We will have a teaching session this afternoon (4:30?) if there is interest

Previous ToDo Items

  • Duke has done power calculations and estimates need 30 in each group at 9-12 month time point for significance
  • hope to conference with them this afternoon

Other Discussion

  • Shashi raised a concern that Galina had pointed out about the sharps containers being routinely overfilled, which could result in a fine.
    • Everyone agreed to pay attention to this and move full containers out to the hall
    • We will discuss next week if the number of containers that we are supplied with is insufficient
  • Shashi reminded us about performing C02 readings with the Fyrite apparatus

Things To Do

  1. make new aliquots for CoFAR3, CoFAR4 (but not milk or Duke) (Priya with help from Caitlin or Anita)
  2. provide Duke with update of samples run since Dec 1 2008 (Caitlin)
  3. Review CO2 measurement (Wayne)
  4. Talk to rest of group about bench space (Wayne)

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