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*Wayne G. Shreffler 09:46, 24 June 2009 (EDT):

Agenda Items

Projects/ Work Flow

  • Flow cytometry analysis -- we are running out of disk space and we must work on this:
  1. use template to do analysis
  2. move from Inbox to Outbox
  3. update sample/analysis log
  4. Wayne will check analysis, create archive and move to upload folder and update analysis log
    • Note: if there is a problem/ question with the data, make comment in log; if unable to analyze, move to 'bad data' folder
  • CoFAR3,4 basophil (Anita/ Priya)
  • BioCSI basophil (Neisha)
    • Where is this data??
    • template is now available
  • ICATA basophil (Neisha)
  • ICATA Treg (Kenny/Shashi)
  • JAX (Kenny)
  • Duke (Caitlin)

Report on Ab inventory

  • Recruitment/ Team Update
    • Alyssa accepted offer -- do not have start date yet.
    • Grayson (HS student) to start in July
    • Would like to thank Caitlin for her extraordinary contributions -- July 7 early evening?
  • Space/ Equipment
  • Flow
    • Review new software tomorrow at 2 pm
  • Desk/Bench Space
    • Alex will move into Kathy's little office
    • Grayson will squeeze in -- suggestions welcome

  • R course
    • New assignment (easier!) posted -- give it a try, work collaboratively
    • We will review in two weeks

Previous ToDo Items

  • Waiting to hear from Ananth @ Duke about where we stand on basophils -- have sent request for more mAbs
    • Still Waiting

Other Discussion

  • none

Things To Do

  1. FLOW ANALYSIS (all of us)
  2. Review Duke basophil data (Wayne)
  3. basophil paper methods (Caitlin)
  4. add received ICATA Treg samples to log (Kenny)

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