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*Wayne G. Shreffler 15:58, 23 March 2010 (EDT):

Met w/ Sarita re: project in the summer

We discussed aims 1 and 2 of her basophil project

Aim 1: Derp2-IgE complex fate.

  • Hypothesis: in tact Derp2 is sequestered by basophils either on surface or intracellular site without degradation in a manner that could subsequently stimulate B cells
  • Use mAbs and rDerp2 to follow antigen fate following cross-linking

Bert and Alex

  • reviewed spending
  • external hard drive
  • freezer

Calls with JAX and Hopkins

  • JAX Thu afternoon
  • Samples expected from JHU -- call next week
  • Alex will send Mouse urine extract to MJ


NAC experiment

  • pH of 30 uM NAC is very low -- Alex will figure out how to neutralize and measure pH of all dilutions to determine what data we can retain


  • Protein ID

Things To Do

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