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*Wayne G. Shreffler 15:50, 4 June 2010 (EDT):

Agenda Items

Alex's work

  • JAX
    • scanner works
    • need to make a plan to work with Kunal
    • gating strategy for template does not exclude DR currently
    • Alex will review protocol to come up with total number of basophil samples that require staining and request a quote from BD for cocktail (minus the CRTH2).
    • look into buying lot of CRTH2 from Miltenyi

  • PM
    • Alex getting data organized/ analyzed
  • R03
    • Reviewed data from 5 experiments (3/5 look like measurable DHR response)
    • tentatively looks as though DHR is suppressed by EDTA
    • Alex to export data from FJ to tables to complete analysis
  • Carbo
    • made a new template using CRTH2 -- suggests that there may be substantial DR expression!

Action Items

  • Wayne will talk to Ben about using qPCR more regularly (done)
  • Bert will compare LPS response
  • run fraction screening experiment on Ben's machine
  • repeat fraction screening experiment with pooled fractions
  • get larger column for bigger run
  • contact Steve about using HPLC (not done)

Other Discussion

Things To Do

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