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"""Charge Time""Core Sample" PCR: Amplifying DNA from agarose gels
"Experiments & Results""Home""Materials"
"Materials & Methods""Microscopic, genetic, and biochemical characterization of non-flagellar swimming motility in marine cyanobacteria"
"People""Problem & Solution""Results"
"Template: VCE Chemistry Unit 3/2008""What's "Marimo"?"
'Round-the-horn site-directed mutagenesis(Aggregation conditionof different amyloidogenic prteins)(Table 2)
( enter pic here)(sequence)(table1)
-80 Glycerol Stocks/1/28/09/CH391L/S12/Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction
/IGEM:University of Chicago/2009/Notebook/Room Reservations
0.25 M KCl (F.W. = 74.55)02172011 Analytical Gel2063009 strep tag assay - cropped.jpg
11. What is an external (Level III) audit?
10% SDS
10. What happens if I don’t give the right answer or known the answer to a question?100x God
10X BPTE electrophoresis buffer10 Biological Terms
11. Will I get advance notice?12
12. What happens if I am in the middle of an experiment and the auditors want to speak with me? (Or will this interrupt my lab?)13. What if I am a UROP?13 December 2008
13th February 200914. I am an office worker, how does the audit affect me?15. Where can I find my EHS Coordinator’s contact information?
15 December 200815th16. How can I find out who my EHS Representative is?
16246/201116 December 200816s rRNA
16s rRNA (for DH10B)17. What is the EHS Policy and where can I find it?17 December 2008
18 December 200819 December 200819 January 2009
1L Stripping Buffer1M Tris HCl (pH 6.5)
1X Transfer Buffer1X Transfer Buffer (20% methanol)
1 normal acid or base (1N)2-methylbutane (isopentane)2. Who does this affect?
20.020: 3 ideas presentation20.020: Final presentations20.020: Technical Specification Review
20.10920.109(F07)20.109(F07):General lab policy
20.109(F07):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(F07):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F07):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(F07):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F07):Guidelines for writing a lab report20.109(F07):Jessica Keenan
20.109(F07):Lab basics20.109(F07):Lab tour20.109(F07):Module 1
20.109(F07):Module 1:RefactorM1320.109(F07):Module 220.109(F07):Module 3
20.109(F07):OWW basics20.109(F07):OpenWetWare20.109(F07):People
20.109(F07):Start-up genome engineering20.109(F07):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F07): Agarose gel electrophoresis
20.109(F07): Assignments20.109(F07): Available enzymes20.109(F07): DNA ligation and bacterial transformation
20.109(F07): ECD assembly20.109(F07): ECD experimental variations20.109(F07): Examine candidate clones
20.109(F07): Expression engineering report20.109(F07): Fall 2007 schedule20.109(F07): Genome engineering assessment
20.109(F07): Growth of phage materials20.109(F07): Journal article discussion20.109(F07): Luciferase assays and RNA prep
20.109(F07): M13.120.109(F07): M13.1 and MDS titers20.109(F07): Microarray data analysis
20.109(F07): Mod 2 Day 720.109(F07): Module 1 oral presentations
20.109(F07): Module 2 oral presentations20.109(F07): Module 3 oral presentations20.109(F07): Phage by design, pt2
20.109(F07): Phage nanowires20.109(F07): Probe western20.109(F07): Rosa and Vivian's Research Proposal
20.109(F07): TA's notes for module 120.109(F07): TA's notes for module 220.109(F07): TA's notes for module 3
20.109(F07): Transfection20.109(F07): Transmission electron microscopy20.109(F07): Western analysis
20.109(F07): cDNA synthesis and microarray20.109(F07): old announcements20.109(F07): siRNA design
20.109(F08)20.109(F08):Anna YingFei Module320.109(F08):DNA engineering/Agarose gel electrophoresis (Day 3)
20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Clean and cut DNA (Day 2)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/DNA engineering by PCR (Day 1)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/DNA ligation and bacterial transformation (Day 4)
20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Examine candidate clones (Day 5)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/FACS analysis (Day 8)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Lipofection (Day 7)
20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Restriction map and tissue culture (Day 6)20.109(F08):DNA engineering lab report guidelines20.109(F08):DNA engineering powerpoint pitch guidelines
20.109(F08):EL-KW Module320.109(F08):General lab policy20.109(F08):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(F08):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F08):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F08):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F08):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F08):Lab basics20.109(F08):Lab tour
20.109(F08):Module 120.109(F08):Module 220.109(F08):Module 3
20.109(F08):OWW basics20.109(F08):OpenWetWare20.109(F08):People
20.109(F08):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F08): Assignments20.109(F08): Colony PCR
20.109(F08): ECD assembly20.109(F08): ECD experimental variations20.109(F08): Fall 2008 schedule
20.109(F08): Growth of phage materials20.109(F08): Journal Club I20.109(F08): Microarray data analysis
20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis
20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 6 Restriction map and tissue culture
20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 7 Lipofection20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 8 FACS analysis20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 1 Protein engineering with PCR
20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 2 Yeast transformation20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 3 Colony PCR and journal article discussion20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 4 SDS-PAGE, screen for phenotypes
20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 5 Probe western, isolate RNA20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 6 Journal Club I20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 7 cDNA synthesis and microarray
20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 8 Microarray data analysis20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires
20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 3 Journal Club II20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 4 Phage by design20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 5 Phage by design, pt2
20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 6 ECD assembly20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 7 Oral presentations20.109(F08): Module 3 oral presentations
20.109(F08): Phage by design20.109(F08): Phage by design, pt220.109(F08): Phage nanowires
20.109(F08): Probe Western20.109(F08): Protein engineering research article20.109(F08): Samantha and Jenn's Research Proposal
20.109(F08): Screen for phenotypes, isolate RNA20.109(F08): Sign up for journal club20.109(F08): Start-up expression engineering
20.109(F08): T/R Team Blue's Research Proposal20.109(F08): T/R Team Purple's Research Proposal20.109(F08): TA's notes for module 2
20.109(F08): TA notes for module 120.109(F08): The grafting parlour20.109(F08): Transmission electron microscopy
20.109(F08): Western Analysis20.109(F08): Yeast transformation20.109(F08): cDNA synthesis and microarray
20.109(F08): old announcements20.109(F09)20.109(F09):Alkhairy+Perez
20.109(F09):Alkhairy-Perez-ToDo20.109(F09):Biofuel Production on Scaffolds20.109(F09):DNA engineering "Memo"
20.109(F09):DNA engineering "Progress Report"20.109(F09):General lab policy20.109(F09):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(F09):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F09):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F09):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F09):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F09):HC^220.109(F09):Lab basics
20.109(F09):Lab tour20.109(F09):Module 120.109(F09):Module 2
20.109(F09):Module 320.109(F09):OWW basics20.109(F09):Omar and Pablo
20.109(F09):OpenWetWare20.109(F09):People20.109(F09):Stephanie Bachar and Matt Luchette
20.109(F09):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F09):System engineering research article guidelines20.109(F09):TR Purple
20.109(F09):WF Green20.109(F09): Assignments20.109(F09): Fall 2009 schedule
20.109(F09): John and Ashley HIV Rev20.109(F09): Journal Club I20.109(F09): Journal Club II
20.109(F09): KaWi's Final Project20.109(F09): Memo template20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR
20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations
20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 6 Restriction map and tissue culture20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 7 Lipofection
20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 8 FACS analysis20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 3 Journal Club I20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 6 Journal Club I
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 6 Journal Club II20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein
20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires
20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 4 Battery assembly
20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 5 Battery testing20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations20.109(F09): Omar Abudayyeh and Pablo Crespo Research Proposal
20.109(F09): Sameer Hirji and Adam Rubin - Research Proposal20.109(F09): System engineering research article20.109(F09): TA's notes for module 3
20.109(F09): TA notes for module 120.109(F09): TA notes for module 220.109(F09): old announcements
20.109(F10)20.109(F10):Blogging and summary thoughts20.109(F10):DNA engineering "P3"
20.109(F10):DNA engineering "Progress Report"20.109(F10):Engineered Photoreceptors20.109(F10):General lab policy
20.109(F10):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(F10):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F10):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(F10):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F10):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F10):Jonathan Gootenberg and Arvind Thiagarajan
20.109(F10):Lab basics20.109(F10):Lab tour20.109(F10):Metabolic Engineering Research
20.109(F10):Module 120.109(F10):Module 220.109(F10):Module 3
20.109(F10):OWW basics20.109(F10):OpenWetWare20.109(F10):People
20.109(F10):Presentation Blue20.109(F10):Presentation Orange
20.109(F10):Presentation Red
20.109(F10):Sneha Kannan and Max Wu: Antimicrobial drug development20.109(F10):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity
20.109(F10):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F10):Variable Genetic Timer20.109(F10): Assignments
20.109(F10): Fall 2010 schedule20.109(F10): Fall 2011 schedule20.109(F10): Journal Club I
20.109(F10): Journal Club II20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA
20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones
20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 6 Restriction map and tissue culture20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 7 Lipofection20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 8 FACS analysis
20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering
20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 7 Readout of Protein
20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM
20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 4 Battery assembly20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 5 Battery testing20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations
20.109(F10): System engineering research article20.109(F10): TA's notes for module 320.109(F10): TA notes for module 1
20.109(F10): TA notes for module 220.109(F10): old announcements20.109(F11)
20.109(F11):Blogging and summary thoughts20.109(F11):DNA engineering lab practical20.109(F11):DNA engineering powerpoint summary
20.109(F11):Ebola Virus Edgar Brook20.109(F11):General lab policy20.109(F11):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(F11):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F11):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F11):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F11):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F11):Katie Vogel and Tonia Tsinman20.109(F11):Lab basics
20.109(F11):Lab tour20.109(F11):Module 120.109(F11):Module 2
20.109(F11):Module 320.109(F11):OWW basics20.109(F11):OpenWetWare
20.109(F11):People20.109(F11):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity20.109(F11):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(F11): Assignments20.109(F11): Cara Brown & Emily Brown20.109(F11): Fall 2011 schedule
20.109(F11): Jamal Elkhader and Colin Beckwitt20.109(F11): Journal Club I20.109(F11): Journal Club II
20.109(F11): Laura and Shelley20.109(F11): Light based therapeutics20.109(F11): MLD
20.109(F11): Mariana Duran and Divya Chhabra20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA
20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture
20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection & lab practical20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system
20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system
20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 7 Readout of Protein20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials
20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 4 Solar cell assembly
20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 5 Solar cell testing20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations20.109(F11): Research Proposal Brian Djaja and Robin Yeo
20.109(F11): Synthetic Lethality in Treating Medulloblastoma20.109(F11): System engineering research article20.109(F11): TA's notes for module 3
20.109(F11): TA notes for module 120.109(F11): TA notes for module 220.109(F11): The Role of Brca2 in Medulloblastoma
20.109(F11): old announcements20.109(F12)20.109(F12):General lab policy
20.109(F12):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(F12):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F12):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(F12):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F12):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F12):Lab basics
20.109(F12):Lab tour20.109(F12):Mod3 OrangeTR Pre-proposal20.109(F12):Module 1
20.109(F12):Module 220.109(F12):Module 320.109(F12):OWW basics
20.109(F12):OpenWetWare20.109(F12):People20.109(F12):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity
20.109(F12):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F12): Assignments20.109(F12): FACS data analysis and defense
20.109(F12): Fall 2012 schedule20.109(F12): Journal Club I20.109(F12): Journal Club II
20.109(F12): Lab certifications20.109(F12): M1 ppt summary and notes20.109(F12): Magnetic Nanoparticles
20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis
20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection & lab practical
20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance
20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein
20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 7 Readout of Protein20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires
20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 4 Solar cell assembly20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 5 Solar cell testing
20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations20.109(F12): Module 1 celebrations of learning20.109(F12): Module 2 celebrations of learning
20.109(F12): Module 3 celebrations of learning20.109(F12): Online cloning lab and defense20.109(F12): Oral presentation of research proposal
20.109(F12): Practice Virtual Lab20.109(F12): Pre-proposal WFGreen20.109(F12): Pre-proposal WF Pinkle
20.109(F12): Pre-proposal template20.109(F12): Quick Facts20.109(F12): Reflections
20.109(F12): Results and Discussion sections20.109(F12): Slides for Journal Club Presentation20.109(F12): System engineering research article
20.109(F12): TA's notes for module 320.109(F12): TA notes for module 120.109(F12): TA notes for module 2
20.109(F12): WF Blue pre-proposal20.109(F12): Written research pre-proposal20.109(F12): Written research proposal
20.109(F12): old announcements20.109(F12): test pages20.109(F12): test pages 2
20.109(F12): test pages 320.109(F12) Pre-Proposal:Team Red20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Antibody-based Regulation of Resistin Levels through a Synthetic Circuit Injected via Vector Immunoprophylaxis
20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Engineering Alkyl Hydroperoxide Reductase Subunit C in E. coli to Extend the Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel Fuel20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Engineering Viral Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Hyperthermic Cancer Therapy20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Magnetic Nanoparticles
20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Mercury Decontamination of Water Using Bacterial Aggregation20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Viral mitigation of insulin resistance20.109(F12) Pre-proposal: Inducing Apoptosis with Sound
20.109(F12) Pre-proposal: Magnetic Nanoparticles20.109(F13)20.109(F13):General lab policy
20.109(F13):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F13):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F13):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F13):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F13):Journal club II (Day8)20.109(F13):Journal club I (Day5)
20.109(F13):Lab tour20.109(F13):Module 120.109(F13):Module 2
20.109(F13):Module 320.109(F13):Module 3 oral presentations20.109(F13):OWW in 20.109
20.109(F13):People20.109(F13):Reflection assignments summary page20.109(F13):S3 and SDS offices announcement
20.109(F13):Statement on collaboration and integrity20.109(F13):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F13): Assignments
20.109(F13): Biomaterial engineering report20.109(F13): DNA engineering methods20.109(F13): DNA engineering summary
20.109(F13): Fall 2013 schedule20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA
20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture
20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection and paper discussion20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis
20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 1 System Design20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 2 Mutation Analysis20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 2 Tools for Systems Biology
20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 3 Prepare for LTS20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 4 Phosphotyrosine Western Blot Analysis20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 6 Analysis & Planning 2
20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 6 Transfection of SH2 Domains20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 7 HTS and Analysis20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials
20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 4 Solar cell assembly
20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 5 Solar cell testing20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 6 Wrap-up and data summary20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 7 Oral presentations
20.109(F13): System engineering report20.109(F13): TA's notes for module 320.109(F13): TA notes for module 1
20.109(F13): TA notes for module 220.109(F13): Tools for Systems Biology (Day2)20.109(F13): old announcements
20.109(F14)20.109(F14):Module 120.109(F14):People
20.109(F14): Assignments20.109(F14): DNA engineering summary20.109(F14): Fall 2012 schedule
20.109(F14): Fall 2014 schedule20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA
20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture
20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection and paper discussion20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis20.109(S07)
20.109(S07):Assignments20.109(S07):Bio-material engineering/Screening library20.109(S07):General lab policy
20.109(S07):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(S07):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S07):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(S07):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S07):Guidelines for writing a lab report20.109(S07):Lab tour
20.109(S07):OpenWetWare20.109(S07):Start-up genome engineering20.109(S07):Student presentations, module 4
20.109(S07):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S07): Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/Optimizing panning
20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/PCR of gold binding candidates20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/Rescreening gold binders20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/Sequence analysis
20.109(S07): Biomaterial engineering, TA notes20.109(S07): Building phage nanowires20.109(S07): Calcium signaling in vivo
20.109(S07): Colony PCR20.109(S07): DNA ligation and bacterial transformation20.109(S07): Examine candidate clones
20.109(S07): Expression engineering report20.109(S07): Genome engineering essay20.109(S07): Growth of phage materials
20.109(S07): Lipofection20.109(S07): Measuring calcium in vitro20.109(S07): Measuring calcium in vivo
20.109(S07): Microarray data analysis20.109(S07): Phage Biomaterials Module20.109(S07): Probe western
20.109(S07): Screen for phenotypes, isolate RNA20.109(S07): Start-up expression engineering20.109(S07): Start-up signal measurement
20.109(S07): Student presentations, module 220.109(S07): TA's notes for module 120.109(S07): TA's notes for module 2
20.109(S07): TA's notes for module 320.109(S07): TA's notes for module 4
20.109(S07): Testing redesigned genomes20.109(S07): Western analysis20.109(S07): Yeast transformation
20.109(S07): cDNA synthesis and microarray20.109(S07): old announcements20.109(S07):sample journal article summary
20.109(S08)20.109(S08):Assay protein behavior (Day6)
20.109(S08):Characterize protein expression (Day5)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Agarose gel electrophoresis (Day 3)20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Clean and cut DNA (Day 2)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/DNA engineering by PCR (Day 1)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/DNA ligation and bacterial transformation (Day 4)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Examine candidate clones (Day 5)20.109(S08):DNA engineering/FACS analysis (Day 8)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Lab report20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Lipofection (Day 7)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Restriction map and tissue culture (Day 6)
20.109(S08):Data analysis (Day7)20.109(S08):Essay
20.109(S08):General lab policy20.109(S08):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(S08):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook
20.109(S08):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(S08):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S08):Guidelines for writing a lab report
20.109(S08):Induce protein expression (Day4)20.109(S08):Initiate cell culture (Day2)
20.109(S08):Lab basics20.109(S08):Lab tour20.109(S08):Module 1
20.109(S08):Module 220.109(S08):Module 2 Portfolio20.109(S08):Module 3
20.109(S08):Module 3 oral presentations20.109(S08):OWW basics20.109(S08):OpenWetWare
20.109(S08):People20.109(S08):Prepare expression system (Day3)
20.109(S08):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S08):Protein-level analysis (Day6)
20.109(S08):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)20.109(S08):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)
20.109(S08):Start-up protein engineering (Day1)
20.109(S08):Student presentations (Day8)20.109(S08):Student presentations (M2D8)
20.109(S08):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S08):Testing cell viability (Day3)20.109(S08):Transcript-level analysis (Day5)
20.109(S08):Wrap-up analysis (Day7)20.109(S08): Assignments20.109(S08): Fall 2007 schedule
20.109(S08): Module 2 General Comments on Lab Notebooks20.109(S08): Spring 2008 schedule20.109(S08): TA notes for module 1
20.109(S08): TA notes for module 220.109(S08): old announcements20.109(S09)
20.109(S09):Assay protein behavior (Day7)20.109(S09):Bacterial amplification of DNA (Day3)20.109(S09):Characterize protein expression (Day6)
20.109(S09):Data analysis (Day8)20.109(S09):General lab policy20.109(S09):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(S09):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S09):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(S09):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(S09):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(S09):Induce protein and evaluate DNA (Day5)20.109(S09):Initiate cell culture (Day2)
20.109(S09):Lab basics20.109(S09):Lab tour20.109(S09):Module 1
20.109(S09):Module 220.109(S09):Module 320.109(S09):Module 3 oral presentations
20.109(S09):OWW basics20.109(S09):OpenWetWare20.109(S09):People
20.109(S09):Prepare expression system (Day4)20.109(S09):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S09):Protein-level analysis (Day6)
20.109(S09):Protein engineering research article20.109(S09):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)
20.109(S09):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)20.109(S09):Start-up protein engineering (Day1)
20.109(S09):Student presentations (Day8)20.109(S09):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S09):Testing cell viability (Day3)
20.109(S09):Transcript-level analysis (Day5)20.109(S09):Wrap-up analysis (Day7)20.109(S09): Assignments
20.109(S09): Cell-biomaterial engineering report20.109(S09): Expression engineering report20.109(S09): Journal article discussion (Day2)
20.109(S09): Journal club letter20.109(S09): Luciferase assays and RNA prep (Day6)20.109(S09): Microarray data analysis (Day8)
20.109(S09): Module 2 oral presentations20.109(S09): Spring 2009 schedule
20.109(S09): TA notes for module 120.109(S09): TA notes for module 220.109(S09): TA notes for module 3
20.109(S09): Transfection (Day5)20.109(S09): cDNA synthesis and microarray (Day7)20.109(S09): old announcements
20.109(S09): siRNA design (Day1)20.109(S09) TR-yellow Mod3-proposal20.109(S10)
20.109(S10):Amplify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day1)20.109(S10):Aptamer binding assay (Day7)20.109(S10):Assay protein behavior (Day7)
20.109(S10):Bacterial amplification of DNA (Day3)20.109(S10):Characterize protein expression (Day6)20.109(S10):Data analysis (Day8)
20.109(S10):General lab policy20.109(S10):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(S10):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook
20.109(S10):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(S10):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S10):Guidelines for writing up your research
20.109(S10):Induce protein and evaluate DNA (Day5)20.109(S10):Initiate cell culture (Day2)20.109(S10):Journal club (Day8)
20.109(S10):Lab basics20.109(S10):Lab tour20.109(S10):Module 1
20.109(S10):Module 220.109(S10):Module 320.109(S10):Module 3 oral presentations
20.109(S10):Notebook20.109(S10):Notebook/Orange w/f20.109(S10):Notebook/Orange w/f/Entry Base
20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/201020.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/2010/04
20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/2010/04/2520.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/Entry Base20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Orange Research Proposal
20.109(S10):Notebook/W/F Green Research Proposal20.109(S10):Notebook/WF Purple Group Research Project20.109(S10):Notebook/WF Purple Group Research Project/Entry Base
20.109(S10):OWW basics20.109(S10):OpenWetWare20.109(S10):People
20.109(S10):Post-selection IVT and journal club (Day6)20.109(S10):Prepare RNA by IVT (Day3)20.109(S10):Prepare expression system (Day4)
20.109(S10):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S10):Protein-level analysis (Day6)20.109(S10):Purify RNA and run affinity column (Day4)
20.109(S10):Purify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day2)20.109(S10):RNA to DNA by RT-PCR (Day5)20.109(S10):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)
20.109(S10):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)20.109(S10):Start-up protein engineering (Day1)20.109(S10):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity
20.109(S10):Student presentations (Day8)20.109(S10):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S10):T/R Purple Research Proposal
20.109(S10):Testing cell viability (Day3)20.109(S10):Transcript-level analysis (Day5)20.109(S10):Wrap-up analysis (Day7)
20.109(S10): Assignments20.109(S10): Cell-biomaterial engineering report20.109(S10): Protein engineering report
20.109(S10): RNA computational analysis20.109(S10): RNA engineering report20.109(S10): Spring 2010 schedule
20.109(S10): TA notes for module 120.109(S10): TA notes for module 220.109(S10): TA notes for module 3
20.109(S10): old announcements20.109(S11)20.109(S11):Amplify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day1)
20.109(S11):Aptamer binding assay (Day7)20.109(S11):Assay modified model system (Day7)20.109(S11):Complete DNA design (Day2)
20.109(S11):Evaluate DNA and choose clone (Day6)20.109(S11):Explore model system (Day1)20.109(S11):General lab policy
20.109(S11):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(S11):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S11):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(S11):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S11):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(S11):Initiate cell culture (Day2)
20.109(S11):Initiating transcript and protein assays (Day5)20.109(S11):Journal club (Day8)20.109(S11):Lab basics
20.109(S11):Lab tour20.109(S11):Ligate DNA and transform bacteria (Day4)20.109(S11):Module 1
20.109(S11):Module 220.109(S11):Module 320.109(S11):Module 3 oral presentations
20.109(S11):OWW basics20.109(S11):OpenWetWare20.109(S11):People
20.109(S11):Post-selection IVT and journal club (Day6)20.109(S11):Prepare DNA for cloning (Day3)20.109(S11):Prepare RNA by IVT (Day3)
20.109(S11):Prepare candidate clones in model cell strain (Day5)20.109(S11):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S11):Protein-level and wrap-up analysis (Day7)
20.109(S11):Purify RNA and run affinity column (Day4)20.109(S11):Purify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day2)20.109(S11):RNA to DNA by RT-PCR (Day5)
20.109(S11):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)20.109(S11):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity20.109(S11):Student presentations (Day8)
20.109(S11):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S11):TR Yellow Research Proposal20.109(S11):Testing cell viability (Day3)
20.109(S11):Transcript-level analysis (Day6)20.109(S11):WF Red Research Proposal20.109(S11):Wrap-up analysis and modelingb (Day8)
20.109(S11): Assignments20.109(S11): Cell-biomaterial engineering report20.109(S11): M2 Temporary Space
20.109(S11): RNA computational analysis20.109(S11): RNA engineering report20.109(S11): Spring 2010 schedule
20.109(S11): Spring 2011 schedule20.109(S11): System engineering report20.109(S11): TA notes for module 1
20.109(S11): TA notes for module 220.109(S11): TA notes for module 320.109(S11): old announcements
20.109(S11)PLUXLAMBDA20.109(S12)20.109(S12):Amplify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day1)
20.109(S12):Aptamer binding assay (Day7)20.109(S12):Assess protein function (Day7)20.109(S12):Bacterial amplification of DNA (Day3)
20.109(S12):Characterize protein expression (Day6)20.109(S12):FNT summary page20.109(S12):General lab policy
20.109(S12):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S12):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(S12):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(S12):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(S12):Induce protein and evaluate DNA (Day5)20.109(S12):Initiate cell culture (Day2)
20.109(S12):Initiating transcript and protein assays (Day5)20.109(S12):Journal club (Day8)20.109(S12):Lab tour
20.109(S12):Module 120.109(S12):Module 220.109(S12):Module 3
20.109(S12):Module 3 oral presentations20.109(S12):OWW in 20.10920.109(S12):People
20.109(S12):Post-selection IVT and journal club (Day6)20.109(S12):Prepare RNA by IVT (Day3)20.109(S12):Prepare expression system (Day4)
20.109(S12):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S12):Protein-level and wrap-up analysis (Day7)20.109(S12):Purify RNA and run affinity column (Day4)
20.109(S12):Purify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day2)20.109(S12):RNA to DNA by RT-PCR (Day5)20.109(S12):Reflection assignments summary page
20.109(S12):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)20.109(S12):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)20.109(S12):Start-up protein engineering (Day1)
20.109(S12):Statement on collaboration and integrity20.109(S12):Student presentations (Day8)20.109(S12):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(S12):Testing cell viability (Day3)20.109(S12):Transcript-level analysis (Day6)20.109(S12): Assignments
20.109(S12): Cell-biomaterial engineering report20.109(S12): Protein engineering report20.109(S12): RNA computational analysis
20.109(S12): RNA engineering report20.109(S12): Spring 2012 schedule20.109(S12): TA notes for module 1
20.109(S12): TA notes for module 220.109(S12): TA notes for module 320.109(S12): TA notes for orientation
20.109(S12): old announcements20.109(S13)20.109(S13):Assess protein function (Day8)
20.109(S13):Bacterial amplification of DNA (Day3)20.109(S13):Characterize protein expression (Day7)20.109(S13):Context-setting and primer design (Day1)
20.109(S13):DNA cloning (Day4)20.109(S13):DNA extraction (Day2)20.109(S13):DNA sequencing and primer analysis (Day5)
20.109(S13):Design experiment (Day1)20.109(S13):Design mutant (Day1)20.109(S13):Final Project 20.109
20.109(S13):General lab policy20.109(S13):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S13):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(S13):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S13):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(S13):Induce protein and evaluate DNA (Day5)
20.109(S13):Initiate cell culture (Day2)20.109(S13):Initiating transcript and protein assays (Day5)20.109(S13):Journal club II (Day8)
20.109(S13):Journal club I (Day6)20.109(S13):Lab tour20.109(S13):Module 1
20.109(S13):Module 220.109(S13):Module 320.109(S13):Module 3 oral presentations
20.109(S13):OWW in 20.10920.109(S13):Optional gel purification20.109(S13):PCR and paper discussion (Day3)
20.109(S13):People20.109(S13):Phylogenetic analysis (Day7)20.109(S13):Prepare expression system (Day4)
20.109(S13):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S13):Protein-level and wrap-up analysis (Day7)20.109(S13):Purify protein (Day6)
20.109(S13):Reflection assignments summary page20.109(S13):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)20.109(S13):Statement on collaboration and integrity
20.109(S13):Student presentations (Day8)20.109(S13):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S13):Testing cell viability (Day3)
20.109(S13):Transcript-level analysis (Day6)20.109(S13): Assignments20.109(S13): Cell-biomaterial engineering report
20.109(S13): DNA engineering report20.109(S13): Final Project WFRedBlue20.109(S13): Primer design summary
20.109(S13): Protein engineering report20.109(S13): Spring 2013 schedule20.109(S13): TA notes for module 1
20.109(S13): TA notes for module 220.109(S13): TA notes for module 320.109(S13): old announcements

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