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"Microscopic, genetic, and biochemical characterization of non-flagellar swimming motility in marine cyanobacteria""People"
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"Template:Kim""Template:PhDMenu""Template: VCE Chemistry Unit 3/2008"
"What's "Marimo"?"'Round-the-horn site-directed mutagenesis
(Aggregation conditionof different amyloidogenic prteins)(Table 2)( enter pic here)
(sequence)(table1)-80 Glycerol Stocks
/1/28/09/CH391L/S12/Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction
/IGEM:University of Chicago/2009/Notebook/Room Reservations
0.25 M KCl (F.W. = 74.55)
02172011 Analytical Gel2063009 strep tag assay - cropped.jpg1
1. What is an external (Level III) audit?
10% SDS10. What happens if I don’t give the right answer or known the answer to a question?
100x God10X BPTE electrophoresis buffer
10 Biological Terms10 Vivint ♂ security support number 1844*452*4051 Vivint alarm help desk phonenumber
10xTAE stock buffer11. Will I get advance notice?
1212. What happens if I am in the middle of an experiment and the auditors want to speak with me? (Or will this interrupt my lab?)13. What if I am a UROP?
13 December 200813th February 200914. I am an office worker, how does the audit affect me?
15. Where can I find my EHS Coordinator’s contact information?15 December 200815th
16. How can I find out who my EHS Representative is?16246/201116 December 2008
16s rRNA16s rRNA (for DH10B)17. What is the EHS Policy and where can I find it?
17 December 20081844-452-4051 adt pulse technical support phone number ADT pulse wireless support help desk18 December 2008
19 December 200819 January 20091L Stripping Buffer
1M Tris HCl (pH 6.5)1X Transfer Buffer
1X Transfer Buffer (20% methanol)1 normal acid or base (1N)
2-methylbutane (isopentane)2. Who does this affect?20.020: 3 ideas presentation
20.020: Final presentations20.020: Technical Specification Review20.109
20.109(F07)20.109(F07):General lab policy20.109(F07):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(F07):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F07):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F07):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F07):Guidelines for writing a lab report20.109(F07):Jessica Keenan20.109(F07):Lab basics
20.109(F07):Lab tour20.109(F07):Module 120.109(F07):Module 1:RefactorM13
20.109(F07):Module 220.109(F07):Module 320.109(F07):OWW basics
20.109(F07):OpenWetWare20.109(F07):People20.109(F07):Start-up genome engineering
20.109(F07):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F07): Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F07): Assignments
20.109(F07): Available enzymes20.109(F07): DNA ligation and bacterial transformation20.109(F07): ECD assembly
20.109(F07): ECD experimental variations20.109(F07): Examine candidate clones20.109(F07): Expression engineering report
20.109(F07): Fall 2007 schedule20.109(F07): Genome engineering assessment20.109(F07): Growth of phage materials
20.109(F07): Journal article discussion20.109(F07): Luciferase assays and RNA prep20.109(F07): M13.1
20.109(F07): M13.1 and MDS titers20.109(F07): Microarray data analysis
20.109(F07): Mod 2 Day 720.109(F07): Module 1 oral presentations20.109(F07): Module 2 oral presentations
20.109(F07): Module 3 oral presentations20.109(F07): Phage by design, pt220.109(F07): Phage nanowires
20.109(F07): Probe western20.109(F07): Rosa and Vivian's Research Proposal20.109(F07): TA's notes for module 1
20.109(F07): TA's notes for module 220.109(F07): TA's notes for module 320.109(F07): Transfection
20.109(F07): Transmission electron microscopy20.109(F07): Western analysis20.109(F07): cDNA synthesis and microarray
20.109(F07): old announcements20.109(F07): siRNA design20.109(F08)
20.109(F08):Anna YingFei Module320.109(F08):DNA engineering/Agarose gel electrophoresis (Day 3)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Clean and cut DNA (Day 2)
20.109(F08):DNA engineering/DNA engineering by PCR (Day 1)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/DNA ligation and bacterial transformation (Day 4)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Examine candidate clones (Day 5)
20.109(F08):DNA engineering/FACS analysis (Day 8)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Lipofection (Day 7)20.109(F08):DNA engineering/Restriction map and tissue culture (Day 6)
20.109(F08):DNA engineering lab report guidelines20.109(F08):DNA engineering powerpoint pitch guidelines20.109(F08):EL-KW Module3
20.109(F08):General lab policy20.109(F08):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(F08):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook
20.109(F08):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F08):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F08):Guidelines for writing up your research
20.109(F08):Lab basics20.109(F08):Lab tour20.109(F08):Module 1
20.109(F08):Module 220.109(F08):Module 320.109(F08):OWW basics
20.109(F08):OpenWetWare20.109(F08):People20.109(F08):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(F08): Assignments20.109(F08): Colony PCR20.109(F08): ECD assembly
20.109(F08): ECD experimental variations20.109(F08): Fall 2008 schedule20.109(F08): Growth of phage materials
20.109(F08): Journal Club I20.109(F08): Microarray data analysis20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR
20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations
20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 6 Restriction map and tissue culture20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 7 Lipofection
20.109(F08): Mod 1 Day 8 FACS analysis20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 1 Protein engineering with PCR20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 2 Yeast transformation
20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 3 Colony PCR and journal article discussion20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 4 SDS-PAGE, screen for phenotypes20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 5 Probe western, isolate RNA
20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 6 Journal Club I20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 7 cDNA synthesis and microarray20.109(F08): Mod 2 Day 8 Microarray data analysis
20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 3 Journal Club II
20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 4 Phage by design20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 5 Phage by design, pt220.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 6 ECD assembly
20.109(F08): Mod 3 Day 7 Oral presentations20.109(F08): Module 3 oral presentations20.109(F08): Phage by design
20.109(F08): Phage by design, pt220.109(F08): Phage nanowires20.109(F08): Probe Western
20.109(F08): Protein engineering research article20.109(F08): Samantha and Jenn's Research Proposal20.109(F08): Screen for phenotypes, isolate RNA
20.109(F08): Sign up for journal club20.109(F08): Start-up expression engineering20.109(F08): T/R Team Blue's Research Proposal
20.109(F08): T/R Team Purple's Research Proposal20.109(F08): TA's notes for module 220.109(F08): TA notes for module 1
20.109(F08): The grafting parlour20.109(F08): Transmission electron microscopy20.109(F08): Western Analysis
20.109(F08): Yeast transformation20.109(F08): cDNA synthesis and microarray20.109(F08): old announcements
20.109(F09):Biofuel Production on Scaffolds20.109(F09):DNA engineering "Memo"20.109(F09):DNA engineering "Progress Report"
20.109(F09):General lab policy20.109(F09):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(F09):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook
20.109(F09):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F09):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F09):Guidelines for writing up your research
20.109(F09):HC^220.109(F09):Lab basics20.109(F09):Lab tour
20.109(F09):Module 120.109(F09):Module 220.109(F09):Module 3
20.109(F09):OWW basics20.109(F09):Omar and Pablo20.109(F09):OpenWetWare
20.109(F09):People20.109(F09):Stephanie Bachar and Matt Luchette20.109(F09):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(F09):System engineering research article guidelines20.109(F09):TR Purple20.109(F09):WF Green
20.109(F09): Assignments20.109(F09): Fall 2009 schedule20.109(F09): John and Ashley HIV Rev
20.109(F09): Journal Club I20.109(F09): Journal Club II20.109(F09): KaWi's Final Project
20.109(F09): Memo template20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA
20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones
20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 6 Restriction map and tissue culture20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 7 Lipofection20.109(F09): Mod 1 Day 8 FACS analysis
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 3 Journal Club I
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 6 Journal Club I20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 6 Journal Club II
20.109(F09): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials
20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires
20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 4 Battery assembly20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 5 Battery testing
20.109(F09): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations20.109(F09): Omar Abudayyeh and Pablo Crespo Research Proposal20.109(F09): Sameer Hirji and Adam Rubin - Research Proposal
20.109(F09): System engineering research article20.109(F09): TA's notes for module 320.109(F09): TA notes for module 1
20.109(F09): TA notes for module 220.109(F09): old announcements20.109(F10)
20.109(F10):Blogging and summary thoughts20.109(F10):DNA engineering "P3"20.109(F10):DNA engineering "Progress Report"
20.109(F10):Engineered Photoreceptors20.109(F10):General lab policy20.109(F10):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(F10):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F10):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F10):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F10):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F10):Jonathan Gootenberg and Arvind Thiagarajan20.109(F10):Lab basics
20.109(F10):Lab tour20.109(F10):Metabolic Engineering Research20.109(F10):Module 1
20.109(F10):Module 220.109(F10):Module 320.109(F10):OWW basics
20.109(F10):OpenWetWare20.109(F10):People20.109(F10):Presentation Blue
20.109(F10):Presentation Orange
20.109(F10):Presentation Red
20.109(F10):Sneha Kannan and Max Wu: Antimicrobial drug development20.109(F10):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity20.109(F10):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(F10):Variable Genetic Timer20.109(F10): Assignments20.109(F10): Fall 2010 schedule
20.109(F10): Fall 2011 schedule20.109(F10): Journal Club I20.109(F10): Journal Club II
20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis
20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 6 Restriction map and tissue culture
20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 7 Lipofection20.109(F10): Mod 1 Day 8 FACS analysis20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system
20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system
20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein20.109(F10): Mod 2 Day 7 Readout of Protein20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials
20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 4 Battery assembly
20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 5 Battery testing20.109(F10): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations20.109(F10): System engineering research article
20.109(F10): TA's notes for module 320.109(F10): TA notes for module 120.109(F10): TA notes for module 2
20.109(F10): old announcements20.109(F11)20.109(F11):Blogging and summary thoughts
20.109(F11):DNA engineering lab practical20.109(F11):DNA engineering powerpoint summary20.109(F11):Ebola Virus Edgar Brook
20.109(F11):General lab policy20.109(F11):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(F11):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook
20.109(F11):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F11):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F11):Guidelines for writing up your research
20.109(F11):Katie Vogel and Tonia Tsinman20.109(F11):Lab basics20.109(F11):Lab tour
20.109(F11):Module 120.109(F11):Module 220.109(F11):Module 3
20.109(F11):OWW basics20.109(F11):OpenWetWare20.109(F11):People
20.109(F11):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity20.109(F11):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F11): Assignments
20.109(F11): Cara Brown & Emily Brown20.109(F11): Fall 2011 schedule20.109(F11): Jamal Elkhader and Colin Beckwitt
20.109(F11): Journal Club I20.109(F11): Journal Club II20.109(F11): Laura and Shelley
20.109(F11): Light based therapeutics20.109(F11): MLD20.109(F11): Mariana Duran and Divya Chhabra
20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis
20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection & lab practical
20.109(F11): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance
20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein
20.109(F11): Mod 2 Day 7 Readout of Protein20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires
20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 4 Solar cell assembly20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 5 Solar cell testing
20.109(F11): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations20.109(F11): Research Proposal Brian Djaja and Robin Yeo20.109(F11): Synthetic Lethality in Treating Medulloblastoma
20.109(F11): System engineering research article20.109(F11): TA's notes for module 320.109(F11): TA notes for module 1
20.109(F11): TA notes for module 220.109(F11): The Role of Brca2 in Medulloblastoma20.109(F11): old announcements
20.109(F12)20.109(F12):General lab policy20.109(F12):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(F12):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F12):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F12):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F12):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F12):Lab basics20.109(F12):Lab tour
20.109(F12):Mod3 OrangeTR Pre-proposal20.109(F12):Module 120.109(F12):Module 2
20.109(F12):Module 320.109(F12):OWW basics20.109(F12):OpenWetWare
20.109(F12):People20.109(F12):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity20.109(F12):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(F12): Assignments20.109(F12): FACS data analysis and defense20.109(F12): Fall 2012 schedule
20.109(F12): Journal Club I20.109(F12): Journal Club II20.109(F12): Lab certifications
20.109(F12): M1 ppt summary and notes20.109(F12): Magnetic Nanoparticles20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR
20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations
20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection & lab practical20.109(F12): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis
20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering
20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein20.109(F12): Mod 2 Day 7 Readout of Protein
20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM
20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 4 Solar cell assembly20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 5 Solar cell testing20.109(F12): Mod 3 Day 6 Oral presentations
20.109(F12): Module 1 celebrations of learning20.109(F12): Module 2 celebrations of learning20.109(F12): Module 3 celebrations of learning
20.109(F12): Online cloning lab and defense20.109(F12): Oral presentation of research proposal20.109(F12): Practice Virtual Lab
20.109(F12): Pre-proposal WFGreen20.109(F12): Pre-proposal WF Pinkle20.109(F12): Pre-proposal template
20.109(F12): Quick Facts20.109(F12): Reflections20.109(F12): Results and Discussion sections
20.109(F12): Slides for Journal Club Presentation20.109(F12): System engineering research article20.109(F12): TA's notes for module 3
20.109(F12): TA notes for module 120.109(F12): TA notes for module 220.109(F12): WF Blue pre-proposal
20.109(F12): Written research pre-proposal20.109(F12): Written research proposal20.109(F12): old announcements
20.109(F12): test pages20.109(F12): test pages 220.109(F12): test pages 3
20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal:Team Red20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Antibody-based Regulation of Resistin Levels through a Synthetic Circuit Injected via Vector Immunoprophylaxis20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Engineering Alkyl Hydroperoxide Reductase Subunit C in E. coli to Extend the Oxidative Stability of Biodiesel Fuel
20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Engineering Viral Magnetic Nanoparticles for Magnetic Hyperthermic Cancer Therapy20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Magnetic Nanoparticles20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Mercury Decontamination of Water Using Bacterial Aggregation
20.109(F12) Pre-Proposal: Viral mitigation of insulin resistance20.109(F12) Pre-proposal: Inducing Apoptosis with Sound20.109(F12) Pre-proposal: Magnetic Nanoparticles
20.109(F13)20.109(F13):General lab policy20.109(F13):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook
20.109(F13):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F13):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F13):Guidelines for writing up your research
20.109(F13):Journal club II (Day8)20.109(F13):Journal club I (Day5)20.109(F13):Lab tour
20.109(F13):Module 120.109(F13):Module 220.109(F13):Module 3
20.109(F13):Module 3 oral presentations20.109(F13):OWW in 20.10920.109(F13):People
20.109(F13):Reflection assignments summary page20.109(F13):S3 and SDS offices announcement20.109(F13):Statement on collaboration and integrity
20.109(F13):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(F13): Assignments20.109(F13): Biomaterial engineering report
20.109(F13): DNA engineering methods20.109(F13): DNA engineering summary20.109(F13): Fall 2013 schedule
20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis
20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture
20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection and paper discussion20.109(F13): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 1 System Design
20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 2 Mutation Analysis20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 2 Tools for Systems Biology20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 3 Prepare for LTS
20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 4 Phosphotyrosine Western Blot Analysis20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 6 Analysis & Planning 220.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 6 Transfection of SH2 Domains
20.109(F13): Mod 2 Day 7 HTS and Analysis20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires
20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 4 Solar cell assembly20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 5 Solar cell testing
20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 6 Wrap-up and data summary20.109(F13): Mod 3 Day 7 Oral presentations20.109(F13): SPLASH F14
20.109(F13): System engineering report20.109(F13): TA's notes for module 320.109(F13): TA notes for module 1
20.109(F13): TA notes for module 220.109(F13): Tools for Systems Biology (Day2)20.109(F13): old announcements
20.109(F14)20.109(F14):20.109 Class Blog summary page20.109(F14):General lab policy
20.109(F14):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(F14):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F14):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(F14):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(F14):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F14):Journal club II (Day8)
20.109(F14):Lab basics20.109(F14):Lab tour20.109(F14):Module 1
20.109(F14):Module 220.109(F14):Module 320.109(F14):Module 3 oral presentations
20.109(F14):OWW basics20.109(F14):OWW in 20.10920.109(F14):OpenWetWare
20.109(F14):People20.109(F14):Statement on collaboration and integrity20.109(F14):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(F14): Assignments20.109(F14): Biomaterial engineering report20.109(F14): DNA engineering methods
20.109(F14): DNA engineering summary20.109(F14): Fall 2012 schedule20.109(F14): Fall 2014 schedule
20.109(F14): Journal Club I20.109(F14): Journal Club Presentations20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 1 DNA engineering using PCR
20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 2 Clean and cut DNA20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 3 Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA Ligation & Transformation
20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations, bacterial transformations and CometChip20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 4 DNA ligations and bacterial transformations20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 5 Examine candidate clones & tissue culture
20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection and CometChip Analysis20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 6 Lipofection and paper discussion
20.109(F14): Mod 1 Day 7 FACS analysis20.109(F14): Mod 2 Day 1 Testing an engineered biological system20.109(F14): Mod 2 Day 2 Measuring system performance
20.109(F14): Mod 2 Day 3 Tools for system engineering20.109(F14): Mod 2 Day 5 Assessing re-tuned system20.109(F14): Mod 2 Day 6 Readouts of DNA, Protein
20.109(F14): Mod 2 Day 7 Readout of Protein20.109(F14): Mod 3 Day 1 Growth of phage materials20.109(F14): Mod 3 Day 2 Phage nanowires
20.109(F14): Mod 3 Day 3 TEM20.109(F14): Mod 3 Day 4 Solar cell assembly20.109(F14): Mod 3 Day 5 Solar cell testing
20.109(F14): Mod 3 Day 6 Wrap-up and data summary20.109(F14): Mod 3 Day 7 Oral presentations20.109(F14): Practice Virtual Lab
20.109(F14): Slides for Journal Club Presentation20.109(F14): System engineering report20.109(F14): System engineering research article
20.109(F14): TA's notes for module 320.109(F14): TA notes for module 120.109(F14): TA notes for module 2
20.109(F14): TA notes for orientation20.109(F15)20.109(F15):20.109 Class Blog summary page
20.109(F15):Agarose gel electrophoresis (Day3)20.109(F15):Assess protein function (Day7)
20.109(F15):Bacterial amplification of DNA (Day3)20.109(F15):Battery assembly (Day3)20.109(F15):Battery testing (Day4)
20.109(F15):Characterize protein expression (Day6)20.109(F15):Clean and cut DNA (Day2)
20.109(F15):DNA engineering using PCR (Day1)20.109(F15):DNA ligation & transformation (Day4)
20.109(F15):Evaluate mutations and site-directed mutagenesis (Day1)20.109(F15):Examine candidate clones & tissue culture (Day5)
20.109(F15):FACS analysis (Day7)20.109(F15):General lab policy20.109(F15):Growth of phage materials (Day1)
20.109(F15):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(F15):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(F15):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(F15):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(F15):Homework20.109(F15):Induce protein and evaluate DNA (Day3)
20.109(F15):Journal Club II (Day8)
20.109(F15):Journal Club I (Day5)20.109(F15):Lab basics
20.109(F15):Lab tour20.109(F15):Lipofection (Day6)20.109(F15):Module 1
20.109(F15):Module 220.109(F15):Module 3
20.109(F15):People20.109(F15):Phage nanowires (Day2)20.109(F15):Prepare expression system (Day2)
20.109(F15):Purify protein (Day4)
20.109(F15):Research proposal presentation20.109(F15):Research proposal presentations (Day6)20.109(F15):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)
20.109(F15):Statement on collaboration and integrity20.109(F15):TEM (Day5)20.109(F15):Wiki basics
20.109(F15): Assignments20.109(F15): Biomaterials engineering report20.109(F15): DNA engineering methods
20.109(F15): DNA engineering presentation20.109(F15): DNA engineering summary20.109(F15): Fall 2015 schedule
20.109(F15): Protein engineering report20.109(F15): TA notes for module 120.109(F15): TA notes for module 2
20.109(F15): TA notes for orientation20.109(S07)20.109(S07):Assignments
20.109(S07):Bio-material engineering/Screening library20.109(S07):General lab policy20.109(S07):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(S07):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S07):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(S07):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(S07):Guidelines for writing a lab report20.109(S07):Lab tour20.109(S07):OpenWetWare
20.109(S07):Start-up genome engineering20.109(S07):Student presentations, module 420.109(S07):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(S07): Agarose gel electrophoresis20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/Optimizing panning20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/PCR of gold binding candidates
20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/Rescreening gold binders20.109(S07): Bio-material engineering/Sequence analysis20.109(S07): Biomaterial engineering, TA notes
20.109(S07): Building phage nanowires20.109(S07): Calcium signaling in vivo20.109(S07): Colony PCR
20.109(S07): DNA ligation and bacterial transformation20.109(S07): Examine candidate clones20.109(S07): Expression engineering report
20.109(S07): Genome engineering essay20.109(S07): Growth of phage materials20.109(S07): Lipofection
20.109(S07): Measuring calcium in vitro20.109(S07): Measuring calcium in vivo20.109(S07): Microarray data analysis
20.109(S07): Phage Biomaterials Module20.109(S07): Probe western20.109(S07): Screen for phenotypes, isolate RNA
20.109(S07): Start-up expression engineering20.109(S07): Start-up signal measurement20.109(S07): Student presentations, module 2
20.109(S07): TA's notes for module 120.109(S07): TA's notes for module 220.109(S07): TA's notes for module 3
20.109(S07): TA's notes for module 420.109(S07): Testing redesigned genomes
20.109(S07): Western analysis20.109(S07): Yeast transformation20.109(S07): cDNA synthesis and microarray
20.109(S07): old announcements20.109(S07):sample journal article summary20.109(S08)
20.109(S08):Assay protein behavior (Day6)
20.109(S08):Characterize protein expression (Day5)20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Agarose gel electrophoresis (Day 3)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Clean and cut DNA (Day 2)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/DNA engineering by PCR (Day 1)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/DNA ligation and bacterial transformation (Day 4)20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Examine candidate clones (Day 5)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/FACS analysis (Day 8)20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Lab report
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Lipofection (Day 7)
20.109(S08):DNA engineering/Restriction map and tissue culture (Day 6)20.109(S08):Data analysis (Day7)
20.109(S08):Essay20.109(S08):General lab policy
20.109(S08):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(S08):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S08):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(S08):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S08):Guidelines for writing a lab report
20.109(S08):Induce protein expression (Day4)20.109(S08):Initiate cell culture (Day2)20.109(S08):Lab basics
20.109(S08):Lab tour20.109(S08):Module 120.109(S08):Module 2
20.109(S08):Module 2 Portfolio20.109(S08):Module 320.109(S08):Module 3 oral presentations
20.109(S08):OWW basics20.109(S08):OpenWetWare20.109(S08):People
20.109(S08):Prepare expression system (Day3)20.109(S08):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)
20.109(S08):Protein-level analysis (Day6)20.109(S08):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)
20.109(S08):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)
20.109(S08):Start-up protein engineering (Day1)
20.109(S08):Student presentations (Day8)20.109(S08):Student presentations (M2D8)20.109(S08):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(S08):Testing cell viability (Day3)20.109(S08):Transcript-level analysis (Day5)20.109(S08):Wrap-up analysis (Day7)
20.109(S08): Assignments20.109(S08): Fall 2007 schedule20.109(S08): Module 2 General Comments on Lab Notebooks
20.109(S08): Spring 2008 schedule20.109(S08): TA notes for module 120.109(S08): TA notes for module 2
20.109(S08): old announcements20.109(S09)20.109(S09)/PinkWF
20.109(S09)/TRBlue20.109(S09)/TRPink20.109(S09):Assay protein behavior (Day7)
20.109(S09):Bacterial amplification of DNA (Day3)20.109(S09):Characterize protein expression (Day6)20.109(S09):Data analysis (Day8)
20.109(S09):General lab policy20.109(S09):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(S09):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook
20.109(S09):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(S09):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S09):Guidelines for writing up your research
20.109(S09):Induce protein and evaluate DNA (Day5)20.109(S09):Initiate cell culture (Day2)20.109(S09):Lab basics
20.109(S09):Lab tour20.109(S09):Module 120.109(S09):Module 2
20.109(S09):Module 320.109(S09):Module 3 oral presentations20.109(S09):OWW basics
20.109(S09):OpenWetWare20.109(S09):People20.109(S09):Prepare expression system (Day4)
20.109(S09):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S09):Protein-level analysis (Day6)20.109(S09):Protein engineering research article
20.109(S09):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)
20.109(S09):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)20.109(S09):Start-up protein engineering (Day1)20.109(S09):Student presentations (Day8)
20.109(S09):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S09):Testing cell viability (Day3)20.109(S09):Transcript-level analysis (Day5)
20.109(S09):Wrap-up analysis (Day7)20.109(S09): Assignments20.109(S09): Cell-biomaterial engineering report
20.109(S09): Expression engineering report20.109(S09): Journal article discussion (Day2)20.109(S09): Journal club letter
20.109(S09): Luciferase assays and RNA prep (Day6)20.109(S09): Microarray data analysis (Day8)20.109(S09): Module 2 oral presentations
20.109(S09): Spring 2009 schedule20.109(S09): TA notes for module 1
20.109(S09): TA notes for module 220.109(S09): TA notes for module 320.109(S09): Transfection (Day5)
20.109(S09): cDNA synthesis and microarray (Day7)20.109(S09): old announcements20.109(S09): siRNA design (Day1)
20.109(S09) TR-yellow Mod3-proposal20.109(S10)20.109(S10):Amplify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day1)
20.109(S10):Aptamer binding assay (Day7)20.109(S10):Assay protein behavior (Day7)20.109(S10):Bacterial amplification of DNA (Day3)
20.109(S10):Characterize protein expression (Day6)20.109(S10):Data analysis (Day8)20.109(S10):General lab policy
20.109(S10):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare20.109(S10):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S10):Guidelines for oral presentations
20.109(S10):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility20.109(S10):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(S10):Induce protein and evaluate DNA (Day5)
20.109(S10):Initiate cell culture (Day2)20.109(S10):Journal club (Day8)20.109(S10):Lab basics
20.109(S10):Lab tour20.109(S10):Module 120.109(S10):Module 2
20.109(S10):Module 320.109(S10):Module 3 oral presentations20.109(S10):Notebook
20.109(S10):Notebook/Orange w/f20.109(S10):Notebook/Orange w/f/Entry Base20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal
20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/201020.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/2010/0420.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/2010/04/25
20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Blue Research Proposal/Entry Base20.109(S10):Notebook/T/R Orange Research Proposal20.109(S10):Notebook/W/F Green Research Proposal
20.109(S10):Notebook/WF Purple Group Research Project20.109(S10):Notebook/WF Purple Group Research Project/Entry Base20.109(S10):OWW basics
20.109(S10):OpenWetWare20.109(S10):People20.109(S10):Post-selection IVT and journal club (Day6)
20.109(S10):Prepare RNA by IVT (Day3)20.109(S10):Prepare expression system (Day4)20.109(S10):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)
20.109(S10):Protein-level analysis (Day6)20.109(S10):Purify RNA and run affinity column (Day4)20.109(S10):Purify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day2)
20.109(S10):RNA to DNA by RT-PCR (Day5)20.109(S10):Site-directed mutagenesis (Day2)20.109(S10):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)
20.109(S10):Start-up protein engineering (Day1)20.109(S10):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity20.109(S10):Student presentations (Day8)
20.109(S10):Student registration and questionnaire20.109(S10):T/R Purple Research Proposal20.109(S10):Testing cell viability (Day3)
20.109(S10):Transcript-level analysis (Day5)20.109(S10):Wrap-up analysis (Day7)20.109(S10): Assignments
20.109(S10): Cell-biomaterial engineering report20.109(S10): Protein engineering report20.109(S10): RNA computational analysis
20.109(S10): RNA engineering report20.109(S10): Spring 2010 schedule20.109(S10): TA notes for module 1
20.109(S10): TA notes for module 220.109(S10): TA notes for module 320.109(S10): old announcements
20.109(S11)20.109(S11):Amplify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day1)20.109(S11):Aptamer binding assay (Day7)
20.109(S11):Assay modified model system (Day7)20.109(S11):Complete DNA design (Day2)20.109(S11):Evaluate DNA and choose clone (Day6)
20.109(S11):Explore model system (Day1)20.109(S11):General lab policy20.109(S11):Guidelines for editing OpenWetWare
20.109(S11):Guidelines for maintaining your lab notebook20.109(S11):Guidelines for oral presentations20.109(S11):Guidelines for working in the tissue culture facility
20.109(S11):Guidelines for writing up your research20.109(S11):Initiate cell culture (Day2)20.109(S11):Initiating transcript and protein assays (Day5)
20.109(S11):Journal club (Day8)20.109(S11):Lab basics20.109(S11):Lab tour
20.109(S11):Ligate DNA and transform bacteria (Day4)20.109(S11):Module 120.109(S11):Module 2
20.109(S11):Module 320.109(S11):Module 3 oral presentations20.109(S11):OWW basics
20.109(S11):OpenWetWare20.109(S11):People20.109(S11):Post-selection IVT and journal club (Day6)
20.109(S11):Prepare DNA for cloning (Day3)20.109(S11):Prepare RNA by IVT (Day3)20.109(S11):Prepare candidate clones in model cell strain (Day5)
20.109(S11):Preparing cells for analysis (Day4)20.109(S11):Protein-level and wrap-up analysis (Day7)20.109(S11):Purify RNA and run affinity column (Day4)
20.109(S11):Purify aptamer-encoding DNA (Day2)20.109(S11):RNA to DNA by RT-PCR (Day5)20.109(S11):Start-up biomaterials engineering (Day1)
20.109(S11):Statement on Collaboration and Integrity20.109(S11):Student presentations (Day8)20.109(S11):Student registration and questionnaire
20.109(S11):TR Yellow Research Proposal20.109(S11):Testing cell viability (Day3)20.109(S11):Transcript-level analysis (Day6)
20.109(S11):WF Red Research Proposal20.109(S11):Wrap-up analysis and modelingb (Day8)20.109(S11): Assignments
20.109(S11): Cell-biomaterial engineering report20.109(S11): M2 Temporary Space20.109(S11): RNA computational analysis

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