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Cryostat Sectioning Cryostat settings (for a more detailed protocol visit Kubke_Lab:Cryomicrotomy)

Cryostat {{{Cryostat}}}
Day Cut{{{Day Cut}}}
Knife Angle{{{Knife Angle}}}
Chamber Temp{{{Chamber Temp}}}
Object Temp{{{Object Temp}}}
Glass Slides{{{Glass Slides}}}
Plane of section{{{Plane of section}}}
Number of slides{{{Number of slides}}}

(Include in your observations, eg ,were the sections serial, was any section lost, was quality assessed, etc)

To use this template copy and paste the following text:


|Cryostat =

|Knife =

|Day Cut =

|Knife Angle =

|Chamber Temp =

|Object Temp =

|Glass Slides =

|Plane of section =

|Number of slides =

|Observations =


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