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Madhvi Venkatesh

Welcome to your project page!

For each part listed, you should:

  • Design oligos to make your part
  • Write up proper construction files and put it on the Construction Files page
  • Put your oligos on the Oligo Log page
  • Put your part sequence on the part document
  • Name your parts according to the list here

Flagellar Display

 Source:  ????

Start here: PMID: 16085812
and here:
and also consider this one: PMID: 19060885

Your goal is to make a new flagellar display system, possibly a circularly permuted flagellar protein, or a secreted adapter fusion protein. We want a system that is N-terminal or C-terminal (not in a loop). The most likely candidate is FliD, but also consider FliC and other E. coli K12 flagellar proteins, etpA and it's Yersinia pseudotuberculosis homolog CP000720.

You may also need to use a fli gene knockout. Once you know what you are going to make, we'll obtain the clone from the Keio collection.

Questions you need to ask when reading:

  • Is there a reference showing your target protein can be knocked out and re-complemented resulting in effective chemotaxis?
  • Is there structural information sufficient to guide the construction of a circularly-permuted variant?

In the end, you'll be making 1 or more Displayer parts. You'd probably want to try both N and C terminal display types. Follow these instructions about where to put your part based on the type:

N-Terminal Displayer Info
C-Terminal Displayer Info

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