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Transect Lab #1 - Biological Life at AU - Group #5

The objective of this lab is to understand the biotic and abiotic characteristics of a niche, and to better understand natural selection. To better understand the process of natural selection we observed the driving forces which are the interactions between the biotic and abiotic factors in our transect and their interaction with the physical environment.

Transect #5 a 20 by 20 foot transect located right in front of Hurst and across from Battelle. Half of the transect was covered by the cement walk area and the benches and the other half was covered by rose bushed, trees, and grass.

Steps Performed: 1) Locate Transect and set detentions with 4 popsicle sticks 2) Observe the transect- noting the location of the transect, and the topography 3) Draw a picture of the transect 4) Observe and record four biotic and five abiotic factors 5) Take notes on the surroundings of the transect 6) Take a soil sample and vegetation sample in a 50 mL conical tube 7) Return to lab to make a hay infusion culture

Biotic Factors: -Rose bushes -Grass -Bugs -Squirrel

Abiotic Factors: -Stone -Rock -Bench -Stone Sign

Future Plans: This lab allowed me to understand the biotic and abiotic characteristics of a niche by observing our transect. In order to fully reach the objective of this experiment and better understand natural selection, further experiments and observations will need to be made by observing the Hay Infusion culture in Lab #2.

ST 1/31/14

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