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April 3, 2015 General Meeting

  • New general meeting time: Fridays at 4:30-5:30 pm!
  • OpenWetWare
    • All labwork will be on OWW now
    • All meeting points must be on OWW before meetings
  • Coordinator meeting times with Sri: Times TBA
  • Committee updates
    • financial
      • 2nd SPARK meeting this Thursday
      • campaign will start mid-July
    • lab management
      • new lab space in Boelter Hall
      • key fob access will be given maybe this quarter, by summer at the latest
    • media group
      • T-shirt designs have been finalized!
  • Subproject teams have been decided!

ICA/Genetics Protein Expression Honeybee Silk Materials Protein Cages
Olivia Fasih Danny Michael Phillip
Vinson Jessica Tristan Jared Anuved
Julian Megan Carter Nithin

Advisor Meeting with Sri

  • Meeting times with Dr. Yeates
    • Have the cages team to draft an e-mail
    • a brief proposal
    • ask to set up a time
    • ask to officially join as a co-advisor
    • first impression will be important: we need to know our stuf!!
      • make sure to do thorough literature search
      • Phillip will be finding review papers to send to the entire team
      • have an idea of what plan our team wants to pursue
      • it's okay if the idea is a bit naive
  • Get all of the team members on Slack
    • set up subgroups for each team
  • working in Sri's Lab
    • a bit crowded, but there will be 5 undergrads in the lab
  • New lab space in Boelter
    • David is taking care of the IBC paperwork
    • issue: who will be the designated PI for that lab space?
      • most likely Di Carlo
      • Sri is willing to put his name down, but unsure if he'll be able to, as the space belongs to Engineering
      • David will ask Dr. Seidlits as well
  • Spark
    • we'll likely have the support of Biochemistry's educational outreach officer
    • she is currently working on getting champion funding for Neil Garg's campaign
  • Lab access
    • Only Phillip will be gaining key fob access right now (for the old lab space)
    • David will email Stacy saying that a new student is seeking access

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