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Silk Degumming

Reference: "Materials fabrication from Bombyx mori silk fibroin," Kaplan 2011

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  1. Prepare 2L of ultrapure water, cover with aluminum foil and boil
  2. Measure 5g of silk
  3. Add 4.24g sodium carbonate to boiling water (0.02 molar)
  4. Add silk, boil for 30 minutes
  1. Note: boiling times will affect the resulting fibroin. Longer boiling time will degrade the fibroin.
  1. Remove the silk using a spatula and rinse it in cold ultrapure water
  2. Squeeze excess water from the silk
  3. Place silk in 1L of ultrapure water
  4. Stir with a stir bar for 20 minutes
  5. Repeat steps 6-8 twice for a total of 1 hr of rinsing
  6. Remove silk, squeeze out water, and spread out on a clean sheet of aluminum foil
  7. Allow to dry overnight in a fume hood


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