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Manu Forero-Shelton, Department of Physics (anforero)
Juan Manuel Pedraza, Department of Physics (jmpedraza)

Position Open

Professor position Open!
Postdoctoral Position Open !

Former Professors

Chad Leidy, UCDavis, Lab Founder
• Ramón Fayad, Universidad Nacional - Group Founder

Lab. Manager

María Isabel Perez, Lab. Manager

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ciaran Alexander Smyth, PhD in Physical Chemistry


Ph.D. Students

Jorge Luis Sánchez-Ruiz, Soft Condensed Matter, Physics
Elizabeth Suesca, Physics
Nathaly Marín-Medina, Physics
Juan Carlos Arias-Castro, Physics
Susana Simancas, Biological Sciences
Juliana Sandoval, Physics
César Nieto, Physics

Master´s Students

Jorge Madrid Wolff, Physics
Manuela Vanegas Ferro, Biology and Microbiology
Rudy Marcela Méndez, Physics
David Camilo Durán-Chaparro, Physics
Lina Contreras, Biological Sciences
Juan David Orjuela, Physics
Jorge Luis Romero-Becerra, Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Students

Nathalie Agudelo, Physics and Biology
Juan David Estupiñán Mendez, Physics and Biology
Roberto Moran, Physics
César Quintana, Physics and Microbiology
Nancy Ruiz Uribe, Physics and Biology
Valentina Quiroga-Fonseca,Physics
Luis Alberto Gutiérrez López,Physics
Carlos Arturo Sánchez Isaza,Physics and Microbiology

Research Assistant

Sofia Alfonso-Sanchez, Junior researcher

External Students

Past Lab Members

Daniel Felipe Otálora, Biological Sciences
• Cristian Medina, Undergrad student
• Silvia Cañas, Master student [1]
• Gerson Cote, Undergrad student
• Juanita Lara, Undergrad student [2]
• Mólkary López, Master student
• Iván Rey, Master student & lab Manager
• Luis Alejandro Mahecha, Master student
• Alejandro Otero, Undergrad student
• Diego Alejandro Ramírez, Master student
• Paula Santisteban, Master student
• Andrés Tibabuzo, Undergrad student
• Nicolás Afanador, Master student
• José Luis Alejo Amaya, Undergrad student
• Maier Avendaño], Undergrad student [3]
• Andrés Ernesto Mejía Villamil,Undergrad student
• Jackson Ocampo, Undergrad student & lab Manager
• Carola Hernández, Master student
• Martínez-Gálvez, Undergrad student
• Samuel Ramírez, Master stduent
• Dilia E. Rangel, Master student
• Natalia Rodríguez, Undergrad student
• Andrés Felipe Valderrama, Undergrad student


Paulsson Lab, Harvard Univeristy
Pilizota Lab, The University of Edinburgh
Elkaroui lab, The University of Edinburgh
• Gabriel Téllez, Condensed Matter - Uniandes
• Andrés González Mancera, Mechanical Engineering - Uniandes
• John Mario González, Medical School - Uniandes
• Silvia Restrepo, LAMFU Lab - Uniandes
• Jenny Dussan, CIMIC Lab - Uniandes
• Juan A. Sánchez, Biommar Lab - Uniandes
• Marcela Manrique, Chemistry - Universidad de Antioquia
• Gilles Pieffet, Science Department - Universidad Antonio Nariño

Position Open

Professor position Open!
Postdoctoral Position Open !

Systems Biology

SySBio Members
Stochasticity in gene expression and signaling
Phenotypic variability as survival strategy
Control in synthetic genetic circuits
Evolution of cooperation
SysBio Meeting

Cell Mechanics and Adhesion, Microscopy

Cell mechanics and adhesion, biofilms
The Mechanics of immunity
Education and teaching

Membrane Biophysics

Membrane Biophysics Members
Liposome catchment processes by tumor origin cell lines
Membrane fluctuation analysis in giant unilamelar vesicles
Study of survival strategies of S. aureus biofilms exposed to membrane-active antimicrobial peptides
Molecular dynamics of membranes to study their mechanical properties

In the lab

Group Meetings


iGEM 2015, twitter
iGEM 2013
Uniandes news about iGEM 2012
Local news about iGEM 2011

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Prospective Students
Prospective Researchers


Edificio Q
Laboratorio Q-401
Departamento de Física
Universidad de los Andes
Carrera 1 N° 18A - 12
Tel: (+571) 3394949


Official website
In maintenance (Since April 2015)
Department of Physics (En)
Departamento de Física (Es)
University of the Andes (En)
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Photo credits: Nathaly Marín-Medina. July 2015. View from Q building at Uniandes. Bogota.

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