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  • Run AA on Hemoglobin linked AuNP's and Lysozyme linked AuNP's made on Nov 6, 2013. Also run AA on the only set of pepsin linked AuNP's and AA on HRP linked AuNP's with ratios 30-210.
  • The procedure for AA was followed as dictated by Dr.Hartings HERE.


  • Using the procedure link above 3-4 ml samples of each of the specified nanoparticles samples were prepped for analysis.
    • The volumes varied becasue some smaples were already run for UV-Vis and some solution evaporated out during the heating process in the oven.
  • In relation to the gold standards a 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 ug/ml were prepped for comparing to the AuNP's.
    • Gold standards were made using stock bottled Ag solutions that was 1000 ug/ml.
    • Standards were made by adding .05, .1,.15, .20, and .25 ml of gold standard and filling to 5 ml with water.



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