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Entry title

  • Fourth pretest.


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Unexpected Observations

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New Hypotheses

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Current Protocol

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Current Materials

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New Data

Participant 5

  • This person had the interesting idea of asking questions that may cause interest in volunteering, rather than measure causes of volunteering.
  • Suggested creating an app.
  • Seemed very interested in learning about electricity use, comparing it to data usage on one's Android.
  • Really want's projected monthly cost by appliance.
  • Wants to use device to cross-check utility bill.
  • People wouldn't enroll because of the effort, couldn't find a use for it, or didn't care because they could pay any bill.
  • Emphasize benefits more
  • Suggests traditional advertising again
  • Wanted to ask questions about their knowledge of their bill, of the causes of their bill, about whether they thought their bill was too high, about whether they know what appliance uses the most electricty, about who in the household uses the most electricity,
  • Emphasize benefits more
  • Again, social media (blogs, twitter, etc)

Participant 2

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  • Had difficulty with the MTurk code at the end.


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