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B&W buffer

  • 60 mg Tris base
  • 10 mg EDTA
  • 2.9g NaCl
  • adjust pH to 7.5


  • Dynabeads (10 mg/ml) can bind 200 pmol ssDNA per mg
  • we have .25 dsDNA in the oligo, so only need 12.5 ul of the dynabeads. We will live a little ant take 100 ul
  • wash 3x with 100 ul B&W buffer
  • re-suspend in 100 ul B&W buffer
  • add hybridization reaction from yesterday
  • 2h at 33C to bind oligos to beads

Percent identity for washes with different concentrations of SSC and temperatures

Tm probe908568
Temp (C)[Na+] M0.330.1650.0165

Washes (at room temperature)

  • set heating block to 95C (for later)
  • Twice for two minutes 100 ul 2x SSC 0.1% SDS (50% identity) ==> 100 ul 20x SSC, 100 ul 1% SDS, in 800 ul water
  • Twice for two minutes 100 ul 0.1x SSC 0.1% SDS (70% identity) ==> 50 ul 2x SSC in 100 ul 1%SDS in 850 ul water

DNA collection and concentration

  • add 200 ul quiagen elution buffer
  • incubate 5 min @ 95C, collect supernatant
  • concentrate using microcon tubes into about 30 ul
  • spectrum is not really informative

PCR of enriched product

Reagents 1x conc.
dNTP1.2510 mM
Linker_F210 uM
Taq0.25 U/um
TOTAL25Cocktail per vial
3m 93C (15s 93C; 15m 65C)x35


  • Single band at 1.2kb. Just the juno2 transpsoson made from the small quantity of DNA degraded during ligation?
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