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PCR of ligated product

Reagents 1x conc.
dNTP2.510 mM
Linker_F410 uM
Taq0.45 U/um
DNA84.4ng (~.45 fmol)/ul
TOTAL50Cocktail per vial
3m 93C (15s 93C; 15m 65C)x15
2 ul PCR product left lane

Rotifer DNA extraction

  • add 1ml of 1M NaCl to a 6 well dish filled with rotifers, they curl up
    • each well is about 10ml, resulting in a 100mM NaCl solution
  • spin at 1000g for 5 minutes
  • put into 1.5 ml tube, spin again
  • wash with small amount of water and go to extraction kit (quiagen micro)
  • yield 7ug for vaga and 5ug for ricciae
60 ng A. ricciae DNA, far right lane
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