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Errors in Amplification of Nuclear Region 454 Amplificaion

Error in primer for Culture 1-48

Re-extract necessary cultures - InstaGene

Reamp Cultures 1-48 with HS Takara

HS Takara Optimization Nuclear Region 454 Amplificaion

HS Takara RXN Mixture conc 1X 6.5 '
Milli Q water1.17.15
Takara HS Buffer10X213
Primer Mix5uM4
HS Taq5U0.10.65
TemplateInstagene / 1ng213
396.0ul / RXN
A PCR cycleadd 4.0ul Primer
95C3 min
95C5 sec
60C1 min
AMP LaneTemplatePrimerAmt of Primer
11 InstageneA2
21 InstageneA3
31 InstageneA4
41 InstageneA5
51 InstageneA6
62 InstageneA2
72 InstageneA3
82 InstageneA4
92 InstageneA5
102 InstageneA6
11AV InstageneA2
12AV InstageneA3
13AV InstageneA4
14AV InstageneA5
15AV InstageneA6
161 InstageneA2
171 InstageneA3
181 InstageneA4
191 InstageneA5
201 InstageneA6
212 InstageneA2
222 InstageneA3
232 InstageneA4
242 InstageneA5
252 InstageneA6
26AV InstageneA2
27AV InstageneA3
28AV InstageneA4
29AV InstageneA5
30AV InstageneA6
31AV 1ngA2
32AV 1ngA3
33AV 1ngA4
34AV 1ngA5
35AV 1ngA6

Load 2.0ul Sample


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