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Prepare thin films suitable for IR Spectroscopy Analysis, test solubility of PVOH thin films, perform cross-linking experiment on thin films


0.1g of PVOH (MW=22000 AND MW=100000) was dissolved in ~5-6mL of water and dried to be used in IR analysis.

In addition to this, the solubility of previously synthesized thin films were tested. 0.2g of the following films (MW=22000) were placed in water with stirring to observe if completely soluble:

A. 0.5g PVOH

B. 0.5gPVOH/H3PO4

C. 0.5g PVOH/H3PO4/Maleic Acid

0.2g of A-C polymers were cross linked by placing in the oven for ~90 minutes allowing for dehydration to occur. The solubility of these films were also tested and results were compared to that of the non-cross linked polymer samples.


Each of the non-cross linked samples were completely soluble in water. After cross linkage, however, there were differences in solubility. Both A and B completely dissolved, C did not dissolve.



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