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iGEM 2010 Bitacore
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Reading all the pendent articles

Technic information

  • Luminometers
  • Cellular concetration

Articles in Dropbox folder

Firefly luciferase: An adenilate...

  • Specified reactions, constants and Kms
  • Possibles mutants see Gomi, et al.
  • Quantum Yield variable torugh the medium, see Gomi, et. al.
  • Co-A tends to stabilize the decay of the luminiscense.
  • Many inhibitors, like AMP.

Photographic detection ...

  • A rapid decay (they not used Co-A)
  • E. coli anaerobic?

Oxyluciferin, a luminiscense product of the firefly...

  • LRE stable
  • Competition oxy-luciferin


  • System of regenerate ATP from the AMP, product of the luciferase reaction.

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