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  • Anand Gupta
  • Anton Savinov
  • Robert Chen

Project Objective

Cellular respiration pathways are highly efficient in producing large quantities of energy from simple organic compounds, and are even able to power the most enormous organisms on the planet. We hope to construct a system that can harness cellular respiration to produce electrical energy with in order to provide a sustainable energy source to meet rising global energy demands. Our implementation of the microbial fuel cell (MFC) will intervene in the respiratory pathway by tapping H+ production, capturing those ions at the biological anode and using a proton exchange membrane to reduce O2. The movement of electrons from biological anode to ion cathode should produce DC current, which would be used to power electronic appliances.




  • Project approved for construction at Gunn HS.
  • Pilot experiments and initial bacterial preparation began 4/24, with E Coli shippment from Carolina.
  • Protocol #1 completed 4/24/2009
  • We'll be using E. Coli K-12 Strain, unmodified in first experiments.
  • Protocol #2 completed 4/28/2009
  • Protocol #3 [Prototype 1] completed 4/30/2009
  • Project Reports and Presentation for Prototype(Phase I) Posted

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