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Protocol 3 Results


Preparation of the MFC from the PEMFC components went as expected, using a syringe to load bacteria and medium into the anode chamber. 10ml of culture was loaded into the syringe, and ~1ml of that solution was actively in the anode chamber at any point in time.

Initially the second input to the anode was attached to the a refuse tube.

The cathode was left exposed to the air via the two openings its chamber. Note that the membrane was hydrated and cleaned with distilled H2O prior to use.

Protocol 3 data was collected from 3pm to ~1am, and retrieved at 8am the next day.

Collection was automated using a custom data collection system (SunSPOT + PC), recording fuel cell voltage at 2Hz.

Voltage indication was confirmed with a multimeter prior to use. Collection system provides 1mV resolution from 0 to 5V(+/-1mV).

Current was recorded initially, and twice more, by recording current when wired to a 330Ohm resistor.


  • Overnight Culture used was prepared 4/28/09 (4 days prior)
  • Room Temperature recorded at 22°C.
  • Condensation at cathode chamber indicates H2O formation
  • Voltage initially 0mV (dH2O, no bacteria), 0mA Current.
  • Voltage 1min after bacteria introduction recorded at .120mV. Current 40μA.


Voltage Decay in MFC


Voltage(mV/3) vs Time(s/2)

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