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The objective for today is to begin the synthesis of BSA:L-Cysteine Nanocrystals

Preparation of stock solutions

  1. BSA
  2. L-Cysteine
  3. Sodium Hydroxide
  4. Sodium Sulfide

Protocol BSA:L-cysteine Nanocrystals

  1. In test tube mix 180 uL of 5mM Zinc Nitrate and 20 uL of 5mM Manganese Acetate
  2. Add 200 uL of 40 mM Ammonium Acetate
  3. Add 200 uL of Protein:ligand in various ratios from 0% to 100% protein
  4. Adjust pH to 8.2 using roughly 250 uL of 10mM Ammonium Hydroxide, and bring volume of water to 2.3 mL
  5. Incubate at room temp for 1 hour
  6. Add 200 uL of 5mM Sodium Sulfide drop wise while vortexing
  7. Incubate for five days at 37 degrees Celsius

Table of BSA:L-Cysteine ratios

mol of protein2.00E-091.80E-091.60E-091.40E-091.20E-091.00E-098.00E-106.00E-104.00E-102.00E-100
percentage of protein1009080706050403020100
percentage of ligand0102030405060708090100
mol of ligand02.00E-104.00E-106.00E-108.00E-101.00E-091.20E-091.40E-091.60E-091.80E-092.00E-09

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