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  • synthesize more films
  • Cure films from last lab
  • swelling test for epoxy film
  • Get approval on the bacteria test procedure
  • Data

Swelling test on TiO2/Epoxy Data

  • Weigh and measure thickness for film sections

Table 1. Thickness and Weighs of Film Sections Before and After Swelling Test Image:Swelling test tio2.PNG

Swelling Test for Epoxy film

  1. Cut film into four sections to fit into falcon tubes
  2. Measure thickness and weight.
  • Section 1: 2.17 mm, and 2.22551 g
  • Section 2: 1.78 mm, and 1.23953 g
  • Section 3: 1.65 mm, and 0.93694 g
  • Section 4: 2.32 mm, and 2.30817 g
  1. Place one section per falcon tube, and measure water to the 35 mL mark.
  2. Leave in drawer till next lab period.
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