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/Genomic DNA Insertion Day 1: The Cuts

First steps toward inserting the gDNA into plasmid DNA for ligation. This involves cutting the DNA with XhoI and some other minor steps.


So last week (thursday) I helped Andy go public and organize himself so that it is a nice combination of his way and for others to read easily. His method involves organizing notebook entries by idea. Most people organize by date. I showed him how to do both. We used my notebook as a template, and then I showed him how to add categories to pages and use dynamic page listing to display pages by category only. In the end his notebook can be searched by date, topic, and category. (By topic I mean separate page names on a certain day.)

I would like to start grouping my notebook entries like this as well, especially since I will be working on several projects soon (Shotgun DNA Mapping Ligation and unzipping, RNA Pol II ligation and unzipping, OT construction, and maybe even Kinesin stuff which I want to do) as well as the projects I am currently doing (Yeast gDNA extraction, ligation prep, cloning, etc). The holdup is that I don't really know how I should go about naming certain pages. For instance the page created above (gDNA insertion day 1)... I wouldn't know what to categorize that under.

Any suggestions? (Please list possible category names on page below)
/Categories For Notebook Organizing

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