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Today we are going to do some power spectrum and some sum signal studies. I'm not sure what we are going to do per say, or what we are going to discover, but we are going to do it and that is a fact. I think today's notes would be well taken in friendfeed rooms.

Power Spectrum Notes

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Sum Signal Notes

Other Notes

Maybe it's time for a new laser!!!

Steve Koch 00:22, 19 May 2010 (EDT): Hmmm, these look like good studies. Sorry I haven't had time the past couple weeks and now am out for next few days. Next week will have time though. I have some thoughts:
  • Still possible at a different temp to have enough stiffness? (13C seems pretty cool?)
  • We do have budget for laser. With new objective on delay and new laser delay, that would preclude submission of NSF grant. So working with this laser still best bet for near term.
  • Stiffness may seem artificially low if too close to surface (increase in viscosity) ... that could be an issue too. At one of your powers, too, you were at too high of a frequency to measure accurately. The detector bandwidth isn't very high, so it's not reliable when corner frequency is very high. A good thing to try would be to measure the corner frequency as you move the bead closer / farther away from coverglass. Finally: adjusting the beam size on the input may increase the stiffness.

Many of these things easier to talk about and investigate in person. Thanks for spending the time to take such great data, I know that is a ton of work. It's a good foothold, and I'm not ready to give up yet. Also, I am a bit unclear still on all the results presented above. I should have more time after Thursday afternoon, even just via email.

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