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I am trying a quick experiment of molecular combing. All the papers I have seen so far (which is only like 3) say you need a silanized surface. Lucky for me we have this (thanks Andy). I am using old QD-Lambda DNA mixture from Fri and I put ~50ul on the surface of the slide. I then let the liquid evaporate and will place a coverslip on this. I will seal it with nail polish so that the slide and coverslip are one and then I will look to see what happens.

If this doesn't work I will try again when I have time with fresh QDs. But for now let's see what happens.

Also: I decided to try another sample exact same DNA mixture, only this time I'm using 10ul and I put the coverslip directly on top of the drop to spread the drop out. I will let this evaporate and then follow the same protocol as above.


It's inconclusive whether this works or not so I thought I'd just take some images and upload them to here and let you be the judge.

I think I will try this with just yo-yo1 stained DNA and then try and compare that to what I see here.

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