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I've been really slacking in the notebook department the past couple of weeks. I've been uber busy with the tweezers and I don't have a very good way to update my notebook while on the fly. I'll do better though. I'm supposed to have the best notebook and lately I've dropped the ball. I and you should expect better.


Fun in the Sun

Started the day with some web development. I downloaded Drupal and will play with that when I get some time. Then I made the best invention to slide preparation on the planet, "the Tape Roller 8050."

From KochLab Images

On the left is Andy's upgraded paint-roller style "Tape Roller 9645" and on the right is my base rolling-pin styled "Tape Roller 8050." Both models available for sale.


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Results and Comments

All data can be found here

We didn't have a very successful outing. It turned out that we just stretched our tethers. And we didn't find many tethers. Actually in the beginning we found a bunch of candidates, but after a while we couldn't find any. There are a lot of segments and a lot of data but I think it is pretty evident that nothing happened.

The best data set to look at is the set with over 20 segments. We started at 1.75W and at some point bumped the power up (it is indicated in the notes of the data set). We also adjusted the power up to 3W and down to 1.6W at some point. We also adjusted the focus several times hence the large number of data sets. All that is for 1 tether, except at the end where it is noted that we found a different bead.

Another Development

From KochLab Images

This is our new connection tube. It connects the laser head to the AOM with little to no light escape. An enhanced safety feature from KochLab.

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